Our Top 5 Planter Improvements of 2022

We had a huge week of planter installs! And next week we will be completely finished with all of them! What a fun season it has been getting to visit farms, and work with growers to improve their planter and planting system. We finally got a shipment of seed disk openers in this week if anyone needs them in a pinch. J&M applicators are starting to roll off of the line and we are getting them delivered. Walk in customer traffic is really starting to pick up which is great. We seem to always have what they are looking for. Be sure to listen to the latest podcast with J&M Mfg. which is now uploaded. As soon as this weather breaks, I would say it will be go-time everywhere. Until then, we have a lot of projects to finish. Back to work!


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Fast tanks
This picture was sent in by a customer in Indiana, who purchased a set of Fast tanks to increase carrying capacity during planting. Man are those tanks sharp!
J&M 6026
Out for delivery! This J&M 6026 23 row Applicator was delivered to its new home in Kenton, OH this week.


This Years Most Popular Planter Upgrades

We are close to wrapping up this years planter fertilizer installation season and I wanted to do a thread talking about popular improvements farmers have been making this year.


1. Row Cleaners

Row cleaners

Row cleaners are number one when it comes to additions put onto a planter. Both corn and soybean planters can benefit from their clearing of residue.


2. Totally tubular fertilizer out the back is a simple and easy way to apply dual placement fertilizer on a planter. No blades or bearings.

Totally tubular fertilizer tubes

Totally tubular fertilizer tubes work great for placing fertilizer.


3. Redball row by row flow meters, a simple way to monitor row by row application.

Wilger flow Montior System

The Wilger Flow Montior System is a great way to read row by row flow on a planter or liquid applicator. Simply put the flowmeters on top of the existing redballs. Output is displayed on a screen inside the cab.


4. GBGI seed disk openers, the best openers on the market. Now in stock.

GBGI Blades

GBGI Blades are the best on the market. Cast, machined double row Peer bearing, heavy duty rivets, the blades will last.


5. Automatic rate controllers, a great way to take control of application.

ISO Rate controllers

ISO rate controllers make monitoring and watching flow from the cab a breeze. Auto sections, and much more.


The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

This weeks podcast is one close to home, a sit down with some of the great guys down at J&M Manufacturing. Jim Wood, a 42 year veteran at J&M, talks about the beginning and where the company is going with products. A very informative episode that was a blast to record. Enjoy.

Adam, and J&M crew sitting around a table

J&M Manufacturing; A Small Town Business Built on Top Notch Service and Superior Products

In this episode, Cody and Adam sit down with Mike VanHorn, Jim Wood, and Mike Vujea to talk about the beginning and the future of J&M. Jim Wood, a veteran at J&M, had some awesome stories about servicing customers and building the business with awesome products and superior service. Located in little Ft. Recovery, OH, J&M is in our back door, and we are fortunate to represent their liquid applicator lineup. Enjoy this episode. Hopefully one of many with the J&M guys.

New YouTube Videos This Week

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

16 row 1770 john deere planterThis 16 row 1770 John Deere got an upgrade. 500 gallon tank, new Keeton seed firmers with a hydraulic pump and rate controller.
24 row 1775 John Deere planter
This 24 row 1775 Deere planter got a 750 gallon tank, in furrow fertilizer with rate controller.
40' Field Cultivator
This 40' Field Cultivator was assembled this week in the shop, with a tool that big unfolded, there wasn't much room for anything else.
welded pieces
These pieces are being welded together for our S2S units that are used to inter seed cover crops. We have several of these units to build for use this Spring/Summer

Used Items This Week

front view of used Blu Jet 23 row 4610 hydraulic drive pumprear view of used Blu Jet 23 row 4610 hydraulic drive pumpside view of used Blu Jet 23 row 4610 hydraulic drive pumpThis week we have a used Blu Jet 23 row 4610 hydraulic drive pump. This unit is extremely clean and ready to hit the field. This unit is now located on the Coldwater, OH lot for viewing.




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