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Newsletter for July 13 Issue Online

So much for knee high by the 4th, how about tassel by the 4th? Things are really progressing here in Ohio, this AM it was 63 degrees, during pollination that is a god send, another shot of rain this weekend would be great. Guys are wrapping up spraying beans, wheat is off, with sub average yields in most areas of 75-85 BPA. Cover crop season is heating up, if you do not double crop beans now is a prime opportunity to get a jump start on establishing covers.


We are excited to announce an event you will not want to miss! We will have planters, sprayer, Y Drop machines, Salford Tillage, Dry fertilizer Air Booms, and much more! Stay tuned for More details!

Scouting for Corn Diseases Fennig Equipment

It is prime time to check your corn for diseases, check out this vied to learn what to look for!


With all the talk about Y-Drops, I wanted to share this teaser video about some products ab=vailable next year for steering and boom height on Yield 360 Y drops!

Scout Now for Grey Leaf Spot and other Diseases, Treat Now with Yield 360 Under Cover

Y- Drops in Pre Tassle Corn

A Systems Approach to Nitrogen

Y- Drops in Pre Tassle Corn

360 Y-DROP Sidedress in Arkansas

360 Y-DROP Sidedress in Arkansas

Father and son team Michael and Gunner Knoll of Southeast Arkansas had concerns with their knife-style sidedress applicator. So, they upgraded to 360 Y-DROP Sidedress on their beds. "With our knife rig we were concerned with trying to get the coulter close to the plant and cutting the roots. But with 360 Y-DROP Sidedress we’re not disturbing the plant at all."



Learn More About Our Installation Process

Our best product is our service. See how we tackle installation.

Installation: Valmar Seeder Krause

Installation: Valmar 6056 Chariot Seeder Mount

Spring Sidedress Season! Fennig Equipment Triple Threat

Yetter Magnum 10000 Coulter

Valmar Pathfinder


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Hatchet Fertilizer Banding System
Poly Closing Wheel
FE4R Highboy System
Totally Tubular Liquid Fertilizer Placement
Paddle Wheel
Spiked Closing Wheel


Increase soil fertility by managing nutrition with equipment to improve seeding methods and increase organic matter. Check out our latest and greatest from Yetter, Valmar and Salford

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Fertilizer is an essential part of crop growth for the year. Adding a fertilizer knife or injection nozzle to your placement routine can greatly boost productivity. The equipment can help with your crops growth for years to come.

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Add or replace planter parts for Liquid and dry planting. We provide the latest Keeton products for your planting needs.

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Single wheel row cleaners can provide greater breakdown of stalks in front of seeders. Yetter residue management products work with a wide range of planting equipment on the market.

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Prepare your field for a increased yield with tillage attachments, coulters and fertilizer injection add-on kits. Our products include the Yetter Stalk Devastator, Yetter Maverick and other various attachments.

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Providing the latest Yetter closing and firming wheels can be a important part in the equation for increased water transfer from seed to soil.

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Welcome to Fennig Equipment

Fennig Equipment specializes in niche farming products and farm equipment. We are authorized dealers for the top industry brands including Yetter Co, Salford, Valmar, Farm King, APV, TruAg, and LMC. You can trust in our more than 100 years of experience as farmers to help you find the right solutions. We are cover crop specialists offering exceptional customer service, quality products, and outstanding product delivery. You can depend on Fennig Equipment for your specialized farming needs.

Extensive Inventory of Farming Equipment
We carry all of the farming items you need including fertilizer equipment, row cleaners, planter accessories, residue managers, and much more. Whether you are looking for a Spike closing wheel, Yetter Stalk Devastator, or Salford Tillage, we carry the best equipment from the most trusted manufacturers.

Exceptional Customer Service
At Fennig Equipment, we go above and beyond to deliver the exceptional customer service you can rely on. We have in depth product knowledge and hands on experience that allows us to make the best recommendations for your farming needs. We not only deliver your product personally but we can also install it and provide detailed product training. Our full service farm equipment company can deliver the products you need at the most competitive prices.

When you need farming equipment that you can’t find anywhere else, come to Fennig Equipment. We carry niche and specialty products to help you complete your farming tasks effectively. Give us a call for more information about our products by calling us at (419) 953-8500 today. We look forward to supplying all of your farming equipment needs.



I bought a Yetter 40 ft. Tool bar off of Fennig Equipment with Yetter Magnums and I love it. It's fun to put NH3 on again, you can run 7-8 MPH in no-till and it does a great job.

Ben Seas

Arcanum, OH

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Fennig Equipment is a family owned business, with over 100 years of farming experience. As farmers, we know what a good product can do for your bottom line. The product lines that Fennig Equipment offers represents the same equipment we use on our own family farm. In addition to family farming background, Gary had 24 years experience as Parts Manager at an Agricultural Dealership.

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