Are You Utilizing the Triple Threat Fertilizer System?

We had a big week both in the shop and in getting things sold. The shop this week put together 3 new Salford tools and installed a Valmar on a tillage tool. We have been keeping grandpa very busy trucking delivering all of the tools we have put together. Yesterday, he went to Illinois to deliver some Enduraplas Fertilizer tanks. Monday, Cody and I are headed to White Oak Dairy in Florida to install a 6056 Valmar seeder on a Sunflower VT tool. That will for sure be a fun trip. We sold some equipment this week as well, some used stuff and a few new Salford tools. This is the time of the year we really appreciate our heated shop floor and overhead crane for building all of this equipment. We do have the front page of TractorHouse next week so be sure to tune into that.


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Peterbuilt truckAnyone who has taken delivery of equipment over the past 5 years has met grandpa Jim. Well grandpa brought home a new ride the other day, and this Peterbuilt is nice! Look for it the next time you see him going down the road.
Valmar seederWe installed this 3 point Valmar seeder on a Salford tool this week to plant cover crops.


Another Demco out the door. This one is sleek and simple with tons of deck space left over. Check out the video below.

The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

Fall Is Over, Sales Time Has Begun

In this episode, Cody and Adam talk about the long fall, wet corn and VRT Demos. We had a blast this fall demoing over 30 demos across Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. Of course we talk about our night coyote hunting. We called in 8 came home with 3!

More Efficient Placement with the Triple Threat Fertilizer System

When it comes to side dress, we often look at ways to get the best bang for our buck. How can we get that fertilizer injected directly into the roots of our corn crop and not loose a drop of it? There is no easy way out but the Triple Threat system does offer a better solution than just placing nutrients as far away from the plant as possible. We can control how much product goes through the knife and how much goes through the Triple Threat to put fertilizer at the base of the plant and also 15" away. Call today to order yours.

New YouTube Videos This Week

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

Salford S tine cultivatorThis 40' S tine cultivator got wrapped up yesterday and will be delivered early next week to a local customer.
Salford 2224This Salford 2224 got hydraulic shanks and was delivered Wednesday to its new home in Indiana.
40' Yetter Magnum barThis 40' Yetter Magnum bar was sold and shipped to Kansas this week.
Deutz tractorsThese tractors were in the shop getting serviced for a long time Deutz customer near Greenville.

Used Items This Week

Fast 7420
used Fast 7420

 used Fast 7420 for sale

This week we have a used Fast 7420. 90' Booms hydraulic pump 20" spacings foam markers, eductor, fresh water tank


This unit is located at our new location on St. Rt. 29 $25,000

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