Salford Tools For Seedbed Prep

There is a lot of heat in the 10 day forecast, and if we can miss some rains, there will be a lot of seed put in the ground next week. This week we started spring demos. Yesterday was a HALO VRT in Kenton, OH and the next one will be a 1224 VT Tool. Lately our delivery semis have been running everyday to get tillage tools, sprayers, fertilizer tanks, and other units delivered in time. Today I am headed to Bucyrus, OH to startup a FAST pull type sprayer. A very busy time is ahead for our team as we troubleshoot planters and tillage tools while trying to get the correct parts hunted down to keep customers running. Last weekend, Cody and I traveled to Kentucky to visit Fairview Farms and what a trip we had! Listen to it in the latest podcast episode below!


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J&M 6026 applicatorThis J&M 6026 applicator is getting 360 Y drops put on it. This unit is one of 3 track units we have sold and they look awesome!
Salford Halo VRTThis HALO VRT was delivered by Gary and Nathan this week to a customer. Upon delivery, they installed the baskets.


In the video below, we talk about a Tender Trailer that is getting some Enduraplas tanks, a hose reel, tote rack and a SurePoint metering system. Give us a call today at 419-942-3512 to get your tender trailer built.

The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

Cody with a turkey
Fairview Farms Turkey Hunt | The Talkin' Shed

In this episode, Cody and Adam travel to Fairview farms in Calhoun, KY. There we meet up with Jonathon Ayer, where he, his wife, daughter and son operate their row crop and chicken operation. Of course we had to do some turkey hunting while there, and Jonathon even tested our troubleshooting skills on his MicroTrak controller on his Case planter.

Salford Tools For Seedbed Prep

We have done a lot of videos and have had a lot of successful demos showing customers how Salford tools can make them more efficient. I was on a demo today where we would replace a field cultivator and a VT tool with a HALO VRT. Yesterday Cody replaced a field cultivator, a VT, and a Chisel with a Salford 2200. We see this a lot, guys wanting to do more with less. These tools have to tackle all scenarios and this time of year we can do that. Call today at 419-942-3512 to demo a 1200, field cultivator, Halo VRT or ay other tool we may have.

New YouTube Videos This Week

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

tender trailerWe started another tender trailer project in the shop this week. Another SurePoint System will be going on this one.
600 gallon All Steer fertilizer cartThis 1600 gallon All Steer fertilizer cart will be getting delivered today!
Used BBI SpreaderThis used BBI Spreader was sold early this week and is already being put to work.
S2S barThis S2S bar is getting prepped for delivery to Delaware State.

Used Items This Week

used Landoll 2112 disk chisel

This week we have a used Landoll 2112 disk chisel we recently traded. A great tool to take out compaction and bury residue in the fall.


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