Customer Appreciation

Russ Green stopped by Fennig Equipment during our appreciation days and had a lot to offer our employees. Russ started MACKAYBEN as a consulting network to provide problem-solving skills to sectors of the agriculture and food industries. Through his experiences and network, Russ brings together knowledge and experts from multiple segments of the agriculture landscape in the field to fork supply channel.


We would like to thank Russ for coming up and helping us with our customer appreciation events and thank him for his kind words about Fennig Equipment.


From Russ himself...


“What a red-letter week for me in Ohio. Visiting with old combine teammates Jeff Lentz at Buckeye Auctions, riding with one of my millennials, Lewis Stearns in Fostoria, the Fennig visitation and then closing in Columbus yesterday with MACKAYBEN network member Cam Camfield. I love the people of Ohio.


I've never been more warmly greeted than by the Fennig Family and Friends at Celina. It was clear to me that the passion that Adam and Gary have for family, customers, employees and it was demonstrated by their work this month with the Fennig appreciation events.


As I listened and watched their work, their words rang true to me - lead by example, drive customer happiness, build trust and listen. I believe that this nine-word speech was demonstrated by their work.”


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