Yetter Devastator Proof

We had a great week collectively as a team. The shop guys are putting tillage tools together, our sales team is on top of leads and getting things sold while our install crew got a big job done in Florida. Cody and I made the trip south and the weather was just perfect, low 60's and you could feel the sunshine warming your body while we worked. Something we haven't felt in Ohio for months. It was 12.5 hours one way and of course we took I-75 95% of the way down there and back. This dairy milks 1,900 cows 3x a day! While we were there, a few other famers showed up to show their interest in doing the same thing. Sounds like we will be headed south again soon.


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seederThis was the final product of the seeder install. This unit will be used a lot to put out sorghum behind chopped corn, which will then be chopped and bagged as well.
new tractor trailerGrandpa is putting the new truck through the ringer getting tools delivered this week.


Another Demco out the door. This one is sleek and simple with tons of deck space left over. Check out the video below.

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Fall Is Over, Sales Time Has Begun

In this episode, Cody and Adam talk about the long fall, wet corn and VRT Demos. We had a blast this fall demoing over 30 demos across Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. Of course we talk about our night coyote hunting. We called in 8 came home with 3!

Yetter Devastator Proof

broken down corn stalkI found this in a field last Friday while doing a tillage demo. This customer runs Yetter Stalk Devastators and this was about 3 weeks post harvest. Check out the amount of breakdown that has begun. The stalk was flimsy, weak, and noodle like. This shows how hard the devastators work for you after the combine has come through.

New YouTube Videos This Week

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

VRT in the fieldThis VRT demo was last Friday near Dayton.
Salford 2224This Salford 2224 got hydraulic shanks and was delivered Wednesday to its new home in Indiana.
40' Yetter Magnum barThis 40' Yetter Magnum bar was sold and shipped to Kansas this week.
Deutz tractorsThese tractors were in the shop getting serviced for a long time Deutz customer near Greenville.

Used Items This Week

used Salford 31' 4200 tillage tool
used Salford 4200 tillage tool for sale

 used Salford 31' 4200 for sale in Ohio

This week we have a used Salford 31' 4200 tillage tool. These 4200s are a hybrid tool that can get both aggressive or light depending on how they are set.


This unit is located at our Nova, OH store.

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