Yetter Deavstators, Strip Till, Closing Wheels In Stock

August is here already. County and state fairs are in full swing. Kids will be back in school before too long, and someday it will get cold again! This is a big month for hanging on to top end potential on both corn and beans. Moisture and cool weather would be great but neither is present in the 10 day forecast. New and used equipment was hard to come by in the past 6 months, and the way it sounds, it will get worse before it gets better. Luckily our inventory levels are higher than they have ever been and we are ready to help provide products and service. This week Gary, Ryan, and Adam Traveled to Omaha, Nebraska to attend the Dealer Minds Summit to meet with other dealers and discuss how to develop leaders in our industry. Next week we travel to our county fair for a week of 4-H and fun.


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crates of closing wheels, devastators, fertilizer openerscrate of closing wheels
With the shortage of equipment, these crates of closing wheels, devastators, fertilizer openers and more, are a beautiful sight. Products such as these will be tight, and we plan to have them in stock for you when you need them
This Hagie is from Southern, Ohio and is at our shop to get a FE4R cover crop box installed on it.

Let Storage Tanks Save you Big Money on Pre-Pay

Now is the time to lock in fertilizer prices for 2022, but you have no place to store all of that liquid? We can help with our Enduraplas lineup and our Meridian line up of tanks. Enduraplas is offered in sizes from 1,000 to 10,000 gallons. Meridians popular sizes are 12' x 35 and 12' x 40' 30,000 or 35,000 and offer 17,000 gallons up to 80,000 gallons.

flat bottom tank storage

Meridian Mfg Storage bins


Fall Cover Crop Seeding Options

Looking for ways to seed cover crops? We have 3 options for seeders for Fall application.


  1. Our very own corn head seeder. Designed here in house, it is a great way to seed covers with no additional passes. The residue from the combine covers the seed like straw when seeding your yard.
  2. FE4R Hagie seeder. This is designed to go onto your high clearance sprayer and seeds corn into a standing crop.
  3. Valmar cover crop seeder. Can be mounted on several different things. A very tested, accurate way to seed covers.

Fennig Equipment Corn Head SeederValmar cover crop seeder

New YouTube Videos This Week

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

Valmar 6056
This Valmar 6056 is getting mounted onto a Krause 8010 Excellerator for seeding this fall.
FE4R cover crop boxThis FE4R cover crop box will be mounted onto a Hagie Sprayer for application of cover crops here in August.
Corn head seeder production
Corn head seeder production is in full swing. We are currently building 10 units for this falls harvest.

Used Items This Week

Salford 24' 2100 VT ToolSalford 24' 2100 VT ToolSalford 24' 2100 VT ToolSalford 24' 2100 VT Tool. This tool has the heavy duty coils on it, .5" spacing with a 3 bar tine harrow and 14" basket.


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