Yetter CC Strip Till Units Work in The Fall

Another great week of harvest is in the books for most. Though Indiana got rain, most places are counting down acres. Adam and Cody headed to Wisconsin this week. You can read more about that story below. If you have not listened to any of our podcasts yet, we now have 4 episodes uploaded, and you can click to below to listen to #2 and #3. Podcasts are a great way to get even deeper into conversations about anything and they are easy to listen to during the day. We are busy in the shop preparing for 2022, building Y drop toolbars, Nh3 toolbars, and several other projects. As you may have heard, thousands of Deere employees went on strike Thursday. It will be interesting to see how that turns out in an already hard to get market. We have been doing several tillage demos in areas that are not wet of course. On our trip to Wisconsin, we saw a lot of crops already harvested and tillage work already done. Be sure to listen to our podcasts and watch the YouTube channel. Have a safe harvest!


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Yetter Strip Freshener CC
This picture was taken yesterday after we got beans cut at our farm. Scroll down as we go in depth on what we found from running the Yetter Strip Freshener CC units in the fall.

The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

Hot Topics Strip Till & Nutrient Placement
In this episode we talk about strip tillage, and nutrient placement. Topics that have been popular for years but have changed a lot recently. Strip fresheners, units that create strips without the deep running mole knife, require less HP and can cover more acres. This is appealing when efficiency is the name of the game and it is changing the way we strip till. Listen in as we dissect the new ways to band and place nutrients.

Headed to Illinois for a Valmar Seeder Install
We are headed west! Cody and Adam are going to install a cover crop seeder on a Great Plains Terra Max, then we head north to Gibson City, IL to install a ST pathfinder cart on a Salford VT tool. This is another on the road podcast where we are in the truck driving. It seems to be a great time and place to record. Thanks for tuning in!

Can We Replace the Deep Style Shank Strip Till Units?

I think there is a possibility. I have had a lot of customers ask if the Yetter CC freshener can be ran in the fall and what it looks like. I was amazed to see how deep and wide it was fracturing the soil profile. The entire 10" strip was loose, broken up down to 5" and below that it was still fragile. Imagine incorporating dry fertilizer into this scenario to have fertilizer in every inch of the zone instead of a small circular hot band.

Yetter CC freshener

A Trip To Tractor Central Arcadia, Wisconsin

Arcadia, Wisconsin 9 hours northwest of Coldwater, OH. A trip that started with a phone call and ended with a happy salesman, Dick at Tractor Central and his happy customer, Tyler. Cody and Adam made the trip through the beautiful hill country that is western WI. A lot of smaller farms and of course dairies covered the hilly countryside. Silage, ear corn, and bean harvest were all in full swing. The 2 day trip (Tuesday & Wednesday) turned out well and showed our ability to meet customers needs no matter the obstacle.

Tractor Central Signfall fieldhilly fields

New YouTube Videos This Week

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

Hagie NTB Bar We picked up this Hagie NTB bar in Iowa on our way home from Wisconsin.
These pieces are ready for welding. Once a product is designed it goes off to a manufacturer to be lasered and bent.
cover crop seeder on a John Deere 2660 VTThis picture was from the Wisconsin trip. A tight fit but the seeder sits on there well.
S2S toolbarThis S2S toolbar was delivered to the customer this week in Indiana

Used Items This Week

24' Salford 570 RTS VT tool24' Salford 570 RTS VT tool24' Salford 570 RTS VT tool. Narrow transport, yet large enough to cover acres, this unit would work great to seed cover crops or to run in the fall and spring to manage residue.




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