Valmar Seeders: Seed Your Wheat, Covers, and More

More rain this week again. We had about 1" Monday and the grass will need mowed again over the weekend. County fairs are starting to wind down, the evenings are starting to get chilly and my boys found cicada shells last night on a tree, all of which points to shorter days and harvest time is near. For us, we are starting to get backed up in the shop a little as we have a dozen or so tillage tools that need to be built here before the end of September. A few cover crop seeder installation jobs will get us out on the road and getting those on VT tools. Right now we have a lot of welding and fabrication jobs between Y drop toolbars and a few others that are keeping us busy. We did get all of our jib cranes sold that were in the existing buildings when we purchased the new location. Those were for sale and did not last long. We held a field day event at our Nova store Tuesday and due to rain we were not able to run tillage. We got another 3/10 of an inch yesterday afternoon here.


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25' Salford Halo VRTThis 25' VRT arrived Wednesday. We have a few sizes available for fall tillage.
Salfrod 5200 ENFORCERProgress on the largest 5200 tool we have ever built.


See the video below on a Salford 2224 with hydraulic shanks and a Valmar seeder, what a universal tool!

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The Keeper of the Parts: Austin Adams

In this episode, we sit down with Austin to talk about his past experience in the workforce and what he has learned since being at Fennig Equipment. Austin handles all shipping and receiving of parts and manages to keep our thousands of parts in inventory straight.

Valmar Seeders: Seed your wheat, covers, and more

In the past, we have always named the Valmar seeders "cover crop seeders". However, it is not completely accurate. Although they can seed cover crops, it is only a small percentage of what they are and can be used for. Granular fertilizer, harvest wheat, soybeans, alfalfa, sudan grass, and more are just a few cash crops to be seeded with the Valmars. In the video below, you can see the carpet of wheat in my own field that was seeded with a Valmar, and I harvested an impressive yield this past July. You can get pull-type units, mounted units, 3 point units to fit what you are after.

Valmar seeder

cover crop seeder

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

More welded up assemblies of 2024 drop toolbars that Sam has been working on.
Deere 4940This Deere 4940 is getting closer to becoming a dedicated dry machine for seeding cover crops.
applicatorThis applicator got delivered to a customer in northern Ohio after we made some upgrades to the rate control system.

Used Items This Week

Krause 8000 Excellerator VT Tool
hydraulic spider wheels on Krause 8000
used Krause 8000 Excellerator VT Tool


This week we have a used 30' Krause 8000 Excellerator VT Tool. Hydraulically adjustable gang, hydraulic spider wheels, rolling basket with rear hitch. Blades Measure 20 1/2"


Located at our New Wabash Location


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