The Three Biggest Assets We Can Offer On A Planter

The temps sure have went the other way. Today will feel about 80 degrees warmer (-30 windchill to 54 today) than last Friday. Our workload just exploded this week. Five Salford tools that are retailed and need built arrived from Salford along with more J&M Applicators and another load of BBI Spreaders. We will be putting the new 90x 160' shop to work in the next few week. Planter calls are on the increase, and we are stocked and prepared to get you fixed up on fertilizer, blades, and whatever attachments you may need this year.


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BBI spreaders on a trailerWe had a load of spreaders show up last Friday during the wind and cold. What an adventure that was unloading those spreaders, but we got them off of the trailer.
fertilizer tank and bracket with redball kitHere is a finished fertilizer tank and bracket with redball kit that was installed yesterday on a planter. You can see how we incorporated the redballs into the mount bracket itself.



Check out our equipment lineup from the comfort of your home. This video is a drone flyover of our equipment lot.

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The Three Biggest Assets We Can Offer on a Planter:


GBGI bladeWe now have GBGI blades in stock.

row cleanerYetter Poly Spike Twisters1. Residue Managers: Row cleaners are crucial for creating a clean seed bed, moving rocks, clods, and residue out of the way so the planter has a smooth even ride and the seed trench and furrow remains clean and uniform.


2. Yetter Poly Spike Twisters: You have heard enough about these. They are beyond proven and simply work in all conditions and have outlasted everyones expectations. They are light weight and close in the worst conditions bringing you the best emergence possible.


3. GBGI Seed Disk Openers: I have heard a lot of horror stories about rivets and bearings wearing out on standard duty openers from speeds and hydraulic downforce. The GBGIs are a machined housing, double row bearings and tight tolerances of runout.


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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

tank bracketsMore tank brackets heading to powdercoat.
tank bracketThis bracket is for a big 500 gallon center tank.
forlkliftA cold ride on the forklift last Friday.

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