Don't Get Lost in the World of Closing Wheels

The frigid cold weather has left and now it is messy out there. We have had over an inch of rain this week, and the melting snow and frost has really made things soupy. For us, we had a busy week building Salford tools and doing fab work in the shop. We do have a list of planter fertilizer kits to install along with row cleaners and such that we will have to tackle in the next couple of weeks. I did trade in one of the nicest Salford tools I have seen in a long time. Be sure to check that unit out below and also the Case IH 875, that 9 shank chisel is like new. Check out the videos below. One video is about a 3 row strip till bar on 20" rows, another is highlighting the new member of the Yetter Twister family.


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CASE IH ECOLO-TIGER 875 Rippers Tillage Equipment For SaleWe just finished giving this CASE IH 875 a bath and decided to take more pictures of it. This is the nicest 875 we have ever seen. 2021 with 1200 total acres on it.
truck and trailer ready for the National Farm Machinery ShowWe are busy getting things dialed in for the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville. We will be making the first trip down next week!


See the video below about a neat project we are building, a 3 row strip til bar equipped with liquid fertilizer for vegetables!

The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

Adam and kids huntingFort Wayne Farm Show and a Double in the Deer Woods | The Talkin' Shed

In this video, we talk about what we saw this week at the farm show, topics we talked about and more. Then of course, we tell deer hunting stories from muzzleloader season.

Don't Get Lost in the World of Closing Wheels

When it comes to choosing the correct closing wheels on your planter, there is no secret, the amount of options can be mind boggling. And everyone claims to have the secret sauce you need for your planter. For us, we have never had a product see the success that the Poly Twister has. Never once has a customer brought them back or called and said they did not work, and we are talking thousands of planters. To take it a step further, the Becks team has tested and proven how successful they are. What sometimes keeps people from buying them is the questions. "If these closing wheels are so good, how come they are also the lowest cost to own?" The answer to this is because closing a 1/4" gap in the ground doesn't need to be complicated or expensive! In the video below, I highlight the variations of the Twister family and discuss why each exist.

New YouTube Videos This Week

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

fixtures for a Y Drop toolbarThe fab shop is busy welding together some fixtures for our Y Drop toolbar project.
This is a cool project, a 3 row, 20" strip till bar for vegetables with liquid fertilizer.
Salford I2231 Vertical TillageThis new Salford 2231 VT is getting pieced together before it gets delivered to its new home in St. Marys, OH.
display stands for The National Farm Machinery ShowSince we will have 2 booths at Louisville this year, we have to make a few more stands to accommodate.

Used Items This Week

used Salford 2128 VT toolused Salford 2128 Vertical Tillage Tool for saleused Salford 2128 VT tool for sale

This week we have a used Salford 2128 VT tool. This unit has the larger, heavy duty coils and 22" blades, and is on 7.5" spacing. This is a 2013 serial number but has been very well kept and almost looks new.


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