The Triple Threat Fertilizer Option, Better Placement of Fertilizer

Next week will be a big one for everybody. A lot of wheat to be top dressed, burndown to be done, and maybe some beans to go in the ground in some places. Our goal this week was to get all of the planter jobs completed by today, and I believe we will be 2 short after todays install in SE Ohio. Yesterday Devin and Brent wrapped up 3 different jobs and one more gets finished today. By early next week, we will have several tillage tools sitting on farms ready to be ran for spring demos. If you want a tool on your farm soon, give us a call. I just uploaded the latest podcast episode. Hopefully you can give it a listen as we sit down with Sam Hoagland, one of our metal fabricators.


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Salford vertical tillage tool on trailerGrandma and Grandpa had a huge week delivering equipment with the semi. They traveled to Michigan and back twice with equipment.
J&M 6026 Applicator on tracksYou saw it here first! J&M 6026 Applicator on tracks. Available 2024.


Watch a highlight video of current projects happening in the shop. As you can see, this is as full as the shop has ever been! You can tell spring is here.

The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

Russ Green talking to the Fennig Equipment teamThe Gang is Back Together!

We ran out of mics on this one. Lee, Dave, Gary, Cody, and Adam all in on the same podcast. We talk about the roots, the trials, and where we are headed. These guys are the heart of what we do.

The Triple Threat Fertilizer Option, Better Placement of Fertilizer

You have heard us talk a lot about the triple threat fertilizer placement system. It was brought about because we were always talking to customers about coulters vs Y drops. Which one is better here or there? We tend to favor both options in different scenarios. Most of which mother nature lays the final card. If you have an applicator, I urge you to take a look at the triple threat to see if it can benefit you. Put fertilizer in different zones to maximize uptake of your nitrogen.

New YouTube Videos This Week

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

40' 16 row freshener toolbar in the shopThis 40' 16 row freshener toolbar will be headed for Canada next week.
interseeder toolbar in the shop
interseeder toolbarThis is a unique project, an interseeder toolbar to plant beans into wheat.
fertilizer tank bracketsMore fertilizer tank brackets making their way to powdercoat.

Used Items This Week

front view of a 24' Salford 570 VT toolfront view of a 24' Salford 570 VT toolwheels on a 24' Salford 570 VT toolrolling baskets on a 24' Salford 570 VT tool


This week we have a used 24' Salford 570 VT tool. This unit is now located at our Wabash shop and was a trade in on a Salford 1224 VT. A nice tool to run ahead of the planter this spring.


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