The Tool That Can Do It All (Almost)

Another beautiful week, one that is unexpected for early November. 70's for the highs and dry enough to run combines all day long. The only down side is wheat looks a little tough, but it will come around. This week we did nothing but demo demo demo tillage tools. We have a fleet of tools out running and we are trying to cover everyone who wants to try out this Salford equipment. A lot of guys are closing in on the final acres of harvest, and that is great news for everyone. Vom creates some hurdles but most farmers are getting creative to overcome that hurdle. Tune in to the latest podcast we recorded this week, and we have a good one in store for next week as well. New tools are beginning to arrive and we couldn't be happier.


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VRT tool in the fieldThough it was a little wet, we had a great week running the VRT tool across Ohio and Indiana.
Grandpa Jim with 2 great grandsons in the tractorHarvest is in full swing across the country and on our farm as well. Here we have Grandpa Jim with Adam's 2 oldest, Luke and Lane, riding shotgun.


The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

Rutcation Chat With Cody & Adam: A Busy Week Moving Iron

In this episode, Cody and Adam are in deer camp (an unsuccessful one). We talk all things equipment, new hires, things that are moving and things that are slowing us down. Tune in to another great episode.

The Tool That Can Do It All (Almost)

The HALO VRT (Variable Rate Tillage) has made quite a splash since being introduced in February of this year. For years, we would drag 3 tools to a customer's farm and keep running them. At the end of the day, he liked all 3 but economics said he could only buy 1, and if it were up to him, it would be a combination tool that possessed parts of all 3. That is what Salford has accomplished with this tool. With adjustable angles from 2 to 14 degrees while each blade remains independent is amazing. The adjustment on this tool is unlike any other. Here are some videos to help imagine what it can do, but call us for an on farm demo to learn more.

Salford HALO VRT


New YouTube Videos This Week

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

Valmar 6056 and Salford 1231 in the fieldA grower in Mississippi is seeding cover crop on cotton ground with a Valmar 6056 and Salford 1231.
telehandler removing a valmar boxA customer came and purchased this ST-10 cart and removed the valmar box from it. The telehandler made quick work of it.
1231 on a truckThis new 1231 was delivered, assembled, and is out on demo already.
Salford tool in pieces in the shopThese Salford tools come in thousands of pieces. It takes a team and a lot of time to get them in working order.

Used Items This Week

front view of Salford 20' 2200Salford 20' 2200side view of used Salford 20' 2200

This week we have a used Salford 20' 2200. One of the most versatile tools of the Independent series. This tool is equipped with shanks, a seeder, and of course the heavy duty coils, blades and hubs from Salford. This is a tool that can sew wheat, cover crops, remove compaction, and much more.


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