The Final Planter of 2021 Is Through The Shop

Snow (yes snow) has put the brakes on planting progress as we approach late April. A headline I would've called impossible just a short week ago, but here we are. Meanwhile grains rally to new highs in years. It is not likely many have held onto bushels at this point which is usually the case. For us, it is an exciting end to the week. Our final planter (that we know of) will get pulled out of the shop, and we will move onto side dress application, and try to get all of that accomplished as well. Next week we will be bringing you videos of a large strip freshener 36 row 20" toolbar that will be very impressive. Next week is sure to be full throttle with planters and field work given the warmer temps.


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snow on the farm
Snow in late April. What are the odds? It did make for some neat scenery with the DJI Drone
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This week we installed a lot of attachments on a 24 row Kinze at Apple Farm Service.

What is The Difference Between a Salford VT and A Krause, Great Plains, Etc.?

Though all of these machines have their place, we want to further educate our customers on the places the Salford fits. The most important thing to remember on a Salford is that each blade has its own spring coil. What does this mean? As you drive through the field, each blade is jumping up and down fracturing the soil 8-12" below the machine hence the term "Vertical (downward) Tillage" This allows oxygen and water to infiltrate through the soil profile. The Salford is designed to perform tillage without harming the soil. Dragging gangs at an angle creates compaction, and a smear layer, nothing you want to bet your corn crop on. Ease of service: Changing blades is a breeze on all Salfords, remove the nut, slide off old blade, slide on new blade, and you are done. You can easily change out 1 blade in less than a minute. If you would like to demo a Salford this spring, contact us today at 419-953-8500 to learn more

Yetter Strip Fresheners

A great way to create seedbeds, place fertilizer in a lower horsepower, lower disturbance fashion. Designed to run ahead of the planter to remove residue, crack the crust, and prep the soil for then the planter comes through. When done in strips, this maintains the soil profile and provides the benefits of full tillage without the damage to the soil profile.


We have units in stock ready to ship or demo for this spring.

strip freshners

strip freshners

New YouTube Videos This Week

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

Case IH 1245
Case IH Dual fertilizer units being installed on this Case IH 1245
service truck
Our service truck sure is handy, plenty of room for tool and parts storage
36 row 20" toolbarThis is one of the largest toolbars to ever come onto our lot. Stay tuned for videos of this 36 row 20" toolbar
A full 53' trailer was required to get all of this equipment to Kansas last week.

Used Items This Week

Hagie NTB 2014 15 row coulter unitJust In: Hagie NTB 2014 15 row coulter unit. 2 Section control.




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