Switching Fertilizer Type? We have Liquid, Nh3, and Dry Spinners in Stock!

Cold, wet, and windy this week. Not much progress on harvest. Though most of it is out of the fields at this point, some more fall tillage weather wouldn't hurt anything. We had inventory count this week. We switched computer systems about a month ago, and to start fresh, we had to count every piece on the place. If you have been here, you know that is not an easy task! Nonetheless an extremely busy week, we shipped a lot of product out the door and it is clear farmers are in planning mode for 2022 and beyond. Yetter strip till, Magnums and Salford tools were the hot items this week with product going to Kansas and Missouri. Of course next week is Thanksgiving and not long after that is our first winter farm show which takes us to Indianapolis, IN.


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Salford ST-10 loaded on a truck
This week we had the pleasure of meeting this farmer from the state of Kansas. He made the trip to Coldwater, OH to purchase the only Salford ST-10 that was available in the Country. This unit will be used on a strip till rig to apply dry fertilizer.
Salford ST-10 twin bin cart
We love hearing about our customers success with our products. Last Friday Cody and Adam traveled to NW Indiana to see some customers. Along the way we found this unit. Applying cover crops and variable rate dry fertilizer at the same time with a Salford ST-10 twin bin cart.

The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

Digging into Salford Tillage Tools
In this episode, Cody and Adam are headed to do a Salford demo in Pandora, OH. On the trip, we break down what the Salford tool numbers mean and what each tool does. We chat about harvest progress, deer hunting, and more!

Are You Looking to Build a New Tender Trailer?

We offer all of the options! Hose reels, inductors, and of course the tanks! Enduraplas offers a sump bottom total drain tank that holds up to 3,200 gallons. We stock 1,600, 2,500, and 3200 gallon tanks for trailers. They come standard with stainless lids, side or center sight gauge, 3" fill port, and of course a 10 year warranty.

bottom of Enduraplas tank

top of Enduraplas tank

row of Enduraplas tanks

Enduraplas tank bolt

Fertilizer Purchasing Is A Different Place Right Now. We Have Tools To Get It Done Right!

The past month of phone calls has revealed to us a lot of switching of fertilizer types among farmers. Some switching from liquid to Nh3, some Nh3 to dry, and many other combinations. These farmers were calling in to see what options we had to spread their products. Luckily for everyone, we are still loaded up on fertilizer application equipment.


Dry Fertilizer: We have BBI spreaders for dry fertilizer if you want to broadcast. If you want to incorporate, we can either go the strip till route or do a low disturbance banding with Yetter Magnum or Nutrient Pro 4000 Unit.


Nh3: We have several options here right now but our go to is going to be the Yetter Magnum high speed low disturbance opener. This unit is designed to place Nh3 up to 6" deep at speeds up to 7-10 mph without hardly making a slit in the ground. No erosion, no clods to bring up.


Liquid 28: We have several liquid pull type bars available and on order. We have 1 60' 25 row J&M on order and 1 Fast 25 row 60' on order. In the 40' size, we have several used units: Case IH, Blu Jet, and others. New units we have several J&M applicators. In the 11 row size, we have 3 Ag Spray applicators that should be here in December.

BBI Spreader

Fast Liquid Applicator


New YouTube Videos This Week

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

12 row Yetter CC barThis 12 row Yetter CC bar is getting built for a customer over in PA.
Jake Beck, one of our Nova location sales reps, sold this unit for building spring strips.
cut parts and pieces from the Lincoln Plasma
Our Lincoln plasma is always running, cutting out new parts and pieces all the time.
We are busy in the shop this week putting toolbars together. They will eventually be strip freshener and Yetter Magnum toolbars.

Used Items This Week

Rigid row cleaners

Rigid row cleaners $20/row
Y Drop mount brackets for a Hagie Sprayer
Y Drop mount brackets for a Hagie Sprayer. $800
stalk stompers
6 stalk stompers $250 takes the crate
Drive Pump With Flow meter
John Blue ground drive pump with flow meter $500
Cattle scales platform
Cattle scales platform $450

 Yetter Dual 2968 units

Yetter Dual 2968 units from a Kinze 4900
16 available $350/3


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