Strip Fresheners and Row Cleaners

Snow covered most of Ohio with just a few inches while eastern states were served a couple feet in places. Just a week before Christmas, we were due for some snowfall. Today would have been the final day of the Indianapolis farm show, however most shows have been cancelled or delayed. This week we were very busy evaluating trades, delivering equipment, and sending quotes to customers. We are starting to see a bottleneck of equipment from manufacturers. I would say come March a lot of things will be hard to come by. If you are interested in something, best to order it now to be sure you see it in time. If you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our salesman, call the office today at 419-953-8500!


Have a great weekend.

 Fennig Equipment
A fresh dusting of snow covered the equipment lot in Olena, OH on Wednesday. Live in NE Ohio? Visit our lot at 644 State Rt 250 Norwalk, OH.
Yetter strip freshener toolbar
This Yetter strip freshener toolbar is heading to Illinois to make strips this spring.

Talkin Shed Series: Strip Tillage Part 2

I cannot believe the interest we have seen in the strip freshener program in the past month. I wanted to do a part 2 to show videos we made this week dissecting the strip fresheners. I firmly believe the strip freshener has more advantages than any other form of strip tillage because of its versatility and efficiency. Below is a great video we shot out in the field this week talking about fresheners and how they work. If you would like a demo this spring, I suggest getting your name on the list ASAP.


Liquid fertilizer option for the cab control strip freshener

Liquid fertilizer option for the cab control strip freshener. These units can also apply dry fertilizer.
In Cab Controller
In cab controller for the cab control strip freshener to control the down pressure air bag and the rolling basket.



Our In Furrow Fertilizer Setup Options

In furrow fertilizer is a great way to deliver nutrients directly to the plant, especially P. Listen to what your tissue tests told you the year before. The nutrients you were lacking belong in next years in furrow fertilizer program. Here at Fennig Equipment, we specialize in getting the fertilizer in the ground. We provide the tanks, pumps, controllers and everything in between. Call us today to get a quote on adding in furrow to your planter setup.

In Furrow Fertilizer In Furrow Fertilizer


New YouTube Videos This Week

We are continuing to add new and fresh content every week to keep our customers engaged with what we are up to. Enjoy these recent videos, we currently have 691 subscribers YouTube Subscribers, help us reach 700 by subscribing today!

Used Items This Week

2 Liquid Fertilizer Applicators

  • Blue: Spray King 15 Row Stainless Hydraulic Pump 2" Fill Coulter/ Knife Option, 1,600 Gallon Tank
  • Green/Yellow: 17 Row Dalton Ground Driven Pump 1000 Gallon Tank


Both are located in Coldwater, OH

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