Side Dress Applicators In Stock

A week ago it was snow. This week it was a couple of inches in the liquid form that put a great start to planting back on the shelf. For us, we are close to turning the page to sidedress projects. Planters are all finished, and now the next race is sidedress. This week we spent a lot of time on the road getting planters up and running. Loose wires, lack of power or a pinched cable can stop a planter in its tracks. Our new service truck has been a huge asset to our on the road service. Today we are having lunch on the grill at the shop. Gary is going to cook us up something good. Next week we plan to be on the road servicing and keeping things running as we begin to deliver sidedress toolbars and applicators across the country. Stay tuned to our YouTube Channel to follow along!


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36 row toolbar
We are getting closer to the finish line on this big 36 row toolbar.
Ford F-350
This Ford F-350 will be the work horse at our Norwalk location to tow tillage tools and haul equipment around for Seth and Tammy.

Side Dress Applicator Options

We have a wide variety of options for side dress toolbars for this upcoming season. New, used, 17 row, 23 row, and 11 row bars are in stock and available. We have new Fast, J&M, and Farm King applicators available. Call us today to pick out your new sidedress toolbar.

sidedress toolbar sidedress toolbar sidedress toolbarsidedress toolbar

A Massive Strip Till Bar Being Built in the Shop

This toolbar is the largest one we have ever built. 36 row 20" 60' with a Salford 12 ton fertilizer cart pulling Yetter strip freshener cab control row units. Camso tracks keep it all afloat and 420 HP keeps it moving in the right direction. This bar will be used to create virgin strips in bean stubble, place nutrients and create a seedbed. This has been a big project and we are excited to see it finally coming together. We cannot wait to see it perform in the field.


Contact us for all of your strip till needs.

strip till bar strip till barstrip till barstrip till bar

New YouTube Videos This Week

We are continuing to add new and fresh content every week to keep our customers engaged with what we are up to. Enjoy these recent videos. We currently have 890 YouTube subscribers, help us reach 900 by subscribing today!


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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

12 row cab control toolbar
This 12 row cab control toolbar is headed to Paulding county for a demo next week!
Enduraplas tanksAnother truck load of Enduraplas tanks showed up this week. One of 37 more semi loads preparing for the 2022 season.
Salford HALO
Just in time! this Salford HALO arrived from the factory.
60' Yetter Magnum toolbar
This 60' Yetter Magnum toolbar headed for Illinois yesterday. This acre eater will cover an acre every minute!

Used Items This Week

used Yetter sharktooth floating row cleanersJust In: 24 rows of used Yetter sharktooth floating row cleaners


$380/ row


Located in Coldwater, OH


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