September 18, 2020

Corn harvest is right around the corner! There are a few places that have started high moisture corn, and of course a lot of chopping has been done. We have a few last minute Yetter devastators and Valmar cover crop seeders to go install, but overall we will soon be moving onto post harvest work such as tillage and preparing for 2021 planting. Grain prices have bumped a little in the past 10 days, and I feel guys are excited for what the yield monitor may say this fall which is a good change of pace. Due to several farm shows being canceled, be sure to tune into your YouTube channel to follow along with what it is we are doing every day. Gary and Angie head to Wisconsin for a field day to display our S2S cover crop inter seeders!


Have a great weekend!

 cover crop
This cover crop was seeded with our S2S Units.
mounting brackets
Fennig Equipment offers heavy duty mounting brackets to fit onto your Drago GT corn head.

What Can YouTube Do For You?

In todays world of social media and all things "online", YouTube is a great source for information and learning about what products can work for you. This week I want to highlight our YouTube channel and urge everyone to give it a visit.


Here are a few videos for starters and a link to our Channel

Seeding Cover Crops with our S2S

"Seed 2 Soil Contact" is what S2S stands for. Study this row unit. It is the future of cover crop inter seeding. Controlled down pressure, controlled depth and guaranteed seed to soil contact. You will be seeing a lot of this row unit in the future.

S2S Interseeder

New Videos this Week

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