September 11, 2020

Harvest is almost here! For some it has already started, talking with a gentleman in Kansas he has 500 acres off already. Here in Ohio most beans are 2 weeks out yet. We are trying to finish up all of our last minute fall projects such as mounting a Valmar seeder on a Drago Corn head, installing devastators, and assembling Salford VT tools. On Monday we received 5.5" of rain at our shop and some places east of us had up to 8"! We were so dry that you can barely tell it rained, it was all immediately soaked up through the cracks. Though it may help the beans the corn will not benefit much from the moisture. Temps seem to remain moderate in most places, hopefully this weekend is another beautiful one!


Have a great weekend!

Yetter Devastators
We had a busy week installing Yetter Devastators!
Drago GT corn head
Fennig Equipment offers Heavy duty mounting brackets to fit onto your Drago GT corn head.

J&M Applicators. What Sets Them Apart?

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Seeding Cover Crops With the Combine

Over the past several years, we have done a lot of custom cover crop seeder.


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