Tool Talk: NOCO Battery Packs

Next week is the big show, the Ohio Farm Science Review! The amount of trips, trucks, semis, trailers, and hours spent going to this show is mind boggling. We put a lot of effort into running equipment in the demo fields, and it provides a great place for farmers to see what certain tools can do. Our booth is in the very northwest corner of the show so be sure to stop on by! Devin and Sam made a seeder install trip to Missouri and Illinois this week so as of now, we have all seeders installed and up to date. Next week will be a big one for us, we have 2 demos running in the fields, dozens of implements on the lot with about 10 of our employees at the show all week. We still have plenty of Yetter devastators in stock, and be sure to stock a spare bearing or 2 to avoid surprises this fall when in the heat of things. Salford Tillage demos will be a big thing this fall as well. If there is a tool you would like to see run, be sure to reach out early to get your name first in line.


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Fast A26 Liquid Applicator on a trailerThis Fast A26 liquid applicator arrived at our farm this week from the factory in Minnesota. This 23 row unit is available for spring.
Salford tool being pulle by a semi truckThis tool was pulled up to our Nova store on Tuesday to its forever home. Our semi sure does come in handy when moving large equipment long distances.
Hardi sprayers on trailerOur first pull type Hardi sprayers have arrived.


We will be demoing the Salford Halo VRT at The Ohio Farm Science Review next week!

Tool Talk

We are starting a new segment highlighting the tools that make our shop more efficient and will be handy on your farm.


First up: NOCO Battery Packs. These compact battery packs get used every day in our shop. Whether you want to jump a vehicle, semi, or tractor, this unit can do it all. It gets used the most when we just need 12 volts to power a monitor or controller in the shop. It can provide a constant feed of 12 volts. This is a rechargeable unit and once charged, it can hold a charge for months. These come in various sizes and range in price from $150-$500. Watch the video below to learn more.


The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

This week we head to Jeff Dulings farm in Ottowa, OH to talk with him about his farming operation, how it started, and where it is headed today. Jeff is all about building soil structure using multiple methods to do so. Tune in for an educational listen.

No-Tilling-Building Soil Structure and a Successful Farming Business

In this episode we sit down with Jeff Duling from Ottowa, OH to talk about his farming operation and how he has built his land to where it is today. Jeff works hard and pays attention to details and believes heavily into build soil structure. Listen in as we talk about his past and plans for the future.

New YouTube Videos This Week

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

Yetter Devastator brackets in the shopThese Yetter Devastator brackets are getting a make over to convert them from a John Deere Mount to a Gehringhoff.
Halo VRTCody and Adam made a trip East of Columbus, OH to perform an update on a Halo VRT.
redball row monitor system on a 1255 planterThis is the 1255 planter we installed a liquid plumbing system onto in Indiana.
Salford 1231 in the fieldThis Salford 1231 was up and running last week seeding cover crops into tomato ground in Pandora, Ohio.

Used Items This Week

side view of Krause Excelerator 25' Tillage toolblades measuring almost 21"Heavy duty tiresKrause Excelerator 25' Tillage tool tiresrear view of Krause Excelerator 25' Tillage tool


This week we have a used 8005 Krause Excelerator 25' Tillage tool. Manual adjust gangs, blades measure nearly 21", heavy duty tires with the spider wheels and rolling basket. A good tool to chew up corn stalks this fall. Located in Nova, OH




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