Our S2S System: The Row Unit that Seeds Cover Crops at Side Dress

What a beautiful week of weather we have had! It is great to see sprayers running, manure being hauled, wheat getting topdressed and in some places corn and beans going in the ground. For us, we were and still are running around quite a bit for demos of various Salford Equipment. This week we were able to complete 5 demos with hopefully 5 more next week. We have had a lot of Raven service calls on the 450 and 440 monitor, and we have been able to tackle all of those. So if you need help with your rate controller, be sure to call us. As planting begins we are working hard to complete all sidedress applicators because we know that is the next step. There is some rain in the forecast this weekend. We will see how much. That should be good for the wheat that as topdressed this week.


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Case IH 1255 planterCody and Adam installed 200 gallon fertilizer tanks on a Case IH 1255 planter this week.
Fendt tractor pulling a 25' Halo VRT in a fieldCheck out this Fendt tractor pulling a 25' Halo VRT in NE Ohio.


Custom Tender trailer is now ready to go, two 3,200 gallon tanks and a 3' pump with hose reel. Watch the video below to learn more.

The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

Russ Green talking to the Fennig Equipment teamThe Gang is Back Together!

We ran out of mics on this one. Lee, Dave, Gary, Cody, and Adam all in on the same podcast. We talk about the roots, the trials, and where we are headed. These guys are the heart of what we do.

Our S2S System: The Row Unit that Seeds Cover Crops at Side Dress

Over the years, we have worked with a lot of guys who want to seed cover crops as early as possible to get maximum growth. They have flown them on in August, seeded right after harvest, sprinkled some on with the sidedress applicator. None of these tactics worked extremely well. Some were planted too late. Others the seed just laid on top of the ground. So we designed the S2S (Seed to Soil) System. It is designed to run in between corn rows around side dress time to lightly till or break the crust and pack the seeds into the soil to almost guarantee germination. In the picture below, you will see results of covers seeded June of 2022. And the video was just taken this week. Enjoy.

roots establish on a cover crop

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

30' McFarlane Cover Crop CrimperThis is the beginning of a 30' McFarlane Cover Crop Crimper.
cylinder mounts on a tableWe are on our way to manufacturing our Y Drop toolbars in house. Here are some cylinder mounts we have complete.
service truck parked in the shopThis service truck has over 300,000 miles on it and has helped us fix a lot of jobs lately.
fertilizer tank bracketsMore fertilizer tank brackets making their way to powder coat.

Used Items This Week

wheel on a Fast 8313 Liquid Fertilizer Applicatorside view of a Fast 8313 Liquid Fertilizer ApplicatorFast 8313 Liquid Fertilizer Applicator1,300 gallon tank on a Fast 8313 Liquid Fertilizer Applicator


This week we have a used 15 row Fast 8313. 1,300 gallon tank with the coulter knife setup, 2 sections, 2" fill port with Raven rate controller


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