Salford VT Tools Shine Ahead of the Planter

This week we had another round of rain in most places. I traveled to southern Ohio yesterday and saw a lot of crops emerged. Around us, there is not much done through northern Ohio or Indiana. I was also up in Michigan this week and saw the same thing; not much happening yet in the fields. These delays are bringing light to some specific equipment to help guys in these situations. I did a video citing the top 5 items that are required in a wet spring like we are having now. Cover crop crimpers, Salford VT tools, and strip till units have been hot topics this week. We uploaded a new podcast to get you up to date on what has been going on in our world. Be sure to tune into that below. Next week we will welcome a new service truck to our fleet. Be sure to check out the video we will be doing on that!

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Salford 1200Salford 1224 working in chiseled ground.
interseeder toolbarThis interseeder toolbar was loaded and headed for Minnesota this week.


In the video below, we threw some pretty tough conditions at a Salford 1200 with a bunch of corn residue and pretty uneven ground left over from the chisel. The plan here was to do a one pass and plant and we were successfully able to do that. we got a little more aggressive with the harrow tines to help level, and it did a great job.

The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

Salford vertical tillage tool
Planting Delays, Will My Beans Make it? | The Talkin' Shed

In this episode, we talk about how this wet weather may change some equipment lineups on many farms. Adam planted beans on May 3rd, will they make it? We have a new service truck showing up next week and a new Sign out front!

Salford VT Tools Shine Ahead of the Planter

Salford Vertical Tillage Tool

By far this week was all about Salford VT tools. The wetter spring is shedding even more light on the superior seedbed creating ability the Salford Independent Series possesses. There's a crust on top, wet underneath, and angling gangs is making more of a mess than it is doing good. Farmers across the country who currently own Salford tools will tell you that it is their most important tool ahead of the planter but ESPECIALLY this year. Find out what you are missing. Call us for a demo today at 419-942-3512.

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

Salford 2231 Vertical TillageThis Salford 2231 arrived yesterday and is being built so it can run next week.
30' 3 point McFarlane crimperThis is a 30' 3 point McFarlane crimper that is now available. This will come in handy with growing cover crops.
Salford Vertical TillageThis Salford is getting looked over before it heads to Minnesota.
J&M 6026 NITROGEN APPLICATORCapstan was here this week to put a new rate controller on this unit before it heads up to Urbana, OH.

Used Items This Week

30' Krause Excellerator 8000-30
used Krause Excellerator for sale

This week we have a used 30' Krause Excellerator 8000-30. This unit has adjustable gangs, hydraulic rolling spider wheels, and basket. It is equipped with a Valmar 6056 cover crop seeder.


This unit is located at our new shop on State Route 29 in Celina.


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