Salford VT Tools Get You in the Field Sooner

Finally, after a trip to Columbus, OH and back, I was able to see several planters in the field trying to make a run at it. If we can miss this rain chance today, we may have a nice window over the weekend and into next week to get a lot in the ground. I hear so many farmers talk about Mother's Day time frame for consistent soil temps and weather. It could hold true this year again. We have a crew who left this morning to troubleshoot a planter fertilizer issue in southern Indiana so hopefully that is a quick resolve. Believe it or not I had 3 different guys call me this week getting their side dress bars going, 2 from southern Indiana and 1 in Illinois. All are very close to having all of their corn in the ground. There seems to be plenty of beans planted and even after sitting in the ground for 14+ days I have seen some make an appearance.


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J&M 6026 Nitrogen Applicator on a trailerAnother J&M 6026 is loaded and headed for Michigan. Today we are headed for Columbus, Indiana.
fertilizer systemMonday we tested a fertilizer system we installed over the winter. After a big install, we encourage coming back before planting to run high pressure through the system to check for leaks and test the controller in a real life scenario.


In the video below, we talk about a pretty unique applicator with paced out duals.

The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

Bill Preller talkingBill Preller: Making Strip Till Mainstream With Case-IH in Tow

An awesome podcast with Bill Prellar, a legend in the tillage and agronomy world, spending early years with DMI, then Case IH. Bill has built a career getting his hands dirty and constantly striving to make better machines with the seedbed in mind.

Salford Tillage Tools Significantly Reduce Drying Time, Increase Planting Efficiency

Wednesday our Salford rep, who most of you know, visited with several Salford Customers in SE Ohio to see how they were getting along with their Salfords. Surprisingly to us, because most farmers in the region were saying they were wet, several of these farmers were planting corn upon our arrival to their farm. Consistently we would hear, "If it weren't for how well these Salfords work, we would not be able to be planting corn right now." And walking the fields they were right. They had worked them the evening before to crack that crust at 2" of depth, get some good dirt movement for good seed to soil contact, and that field was dry on top, smooth, and itching for seeds.

I did the video below a couple weeks ago, but it was a similar scenario. We were running it fairly shallow to break the crust and create a nice seedbed. Salford tools are the only tool that can perform in marginal conditions and do not smear or compact ahead of the planter.

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

J&M ApplicatorThis J&M applicator is getting Y drops on 20" spacing.
garage doorThis is the start of our 32' garage door on the east side of our shop.
S2S barAnother S2S bar in the works to be ran in the next couple of months.
fertilizer systemAdam and Devin traveled up north to get this 1770 going on Monday. We installed this fertilizer system over the winter and finally got it out to the field to get everything working properly.

Used Items This Week

30' Sunflower 5035 Field Cultivatorside view of a Sunflower 5035 Field CultivatorSunflower 5035 Field Cultivatorside view of a 30' Sunflower 5035 Field Cultivator


This week we have a used 30' Sunflower 5035 Field Cultivator. 7" Nok on Sweeps with rear hitch, four bar drag harrow and J&M double rolling basket. Unit was recently traded in on new Salford Halo VRT and is located at our Wabash location.


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