Salford Hydraulic Switchblade Shank Kit

We are dry here around our shop, and we missed most of the rain that came through the past couple of days. Yesterday I was up near Bucyrus, and they had around an inch of rain. Harvest is moving at a record pace with this drier weather. We have a lot of demos out and about right now, and today we will be shuffling some more tools around to get everyone we can covered. Construction started on the new location Wednesday as we are remodeling the offices and some other spaces prior to move in. Next week we will be videoing more Salford tools running in the fall to show you how they all work.


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Salford VT toolThis new Salford VT tool with hydraulic shanks and Valmar seeder was delivered to Redkey, IN yesterday to its new owner. This is a 24' 2200 and will be put to work at Johnson Family Farms.
planter fertilizer tank bracketsLook at those beauties! We have worked hard over the years to design and manufacture the highest quality planter fertilizer tank brackets on the market. These are fresh off Sam's weld table and are headed for powdercoat. If you want to add gallons to your planter and want it to look factory, give us a call.


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Salford Halo VRTA Casual Sit Down with Dave Gunkelman

In this episode, we sit down with Dave Gunkelman, who has been a guest before, to talk in our conference room. Dave is a friend, mentor, and of course our Salford representative. Tune in as we talk all things with Dave.

Salford Hydraulic Switchblade Shank Kit

Over the past few months, I have become more and more acquainted with the hydraulic shank kit option on Salford tillage tools. Yesterday I visited with a customer of Seths who now owns a new Salford with the shanks, and we visited with him and some of the fields he has ran the tool in. These shanks are a game changer. Never before could you add a deep tillage option at the flip of a hydraulic lever to pull up compaction whenever you choose. I will be providing more videos and pictures of this option in the future, but in the meantime, if you own a Salford tool and do not have the shank option, reach out so we can discuss the possibilities.

Salford tillage tool shanksSalford tillage tool shanks

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

planter fertilizer tank bracketsLook at those beauties!
Salford 1224This Salford 1224 was built and delivered to a local customer this week.
Salford ST series tanks and cartsThis load of Salford products arrived this week from the Iowa plant. ST series tanks and carts for fertilizer banding.

Used Items This Week

used Salford 40' 570 RTS  VT tool

This week we have a used Salford 40' 570 RTS VT tool. This unit is on 7.5" spacings. This tool is located at our Nova, OH store


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