Salford Fall Tillage Demos In Full Swing

What a difference a week can make in harvest and tillage. A lot of guys have started in beans and some have planted wheat already as well. We have been busy demoing tillage tools and strip till toolbars this week and just getting fall items ready to go in the field. A big part of what we do is service and that is what this time of year is about. When you buy a new spreader, seeder, or tillage tool you can bet we will be there the day it hits the field to make sure it is running like a top. We finally recorded another Talkin Shed podcast so you can find that below in the podcast section to listen to while harvesting. We did sell our 3rd Deutz Fahr tractor this week so that is exciting! We are learning more and more everyday about how many features they offer as a workhorse and reliable tractor.


Be sure to tune into our YouTube Channel. Have a great weekend, and feel free to call 419-953-8500.

25' VRT in the fieldWe got this 25' VRT setup in New Carlisle, Ohio this week as it prepares bean ground for wheat.
8 row Yetter Maverick toolbarCody was out yesterday before the rain getting this 8 row Yetter Maverick bar up and running making beautiful strips.


Check out the installation of a new 5056 Valmar seeder onto a 20' VRT tool in the video below.

The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

hagieCody and Adam Talk Equipment

Cody and I sit down to discuss what we have been up to lately, a great harvest time listen.

Demo Success: Let Us Come To Your Farm With Solutions

This time of year is fun. We get to follow through on the promises we have made over the past 6 months. We talk about what these tools can do to manage residue, bury stalks, or prep seedbeds. This time of year fields get mowed off and corn gets shelled. It opens a blank canvas for us to show these tools at work. These tools, whether it be a Yetter Devastator, Salford tool, or strip till bar, are expensive and we want to make sure they are a right fit for you. If you are struggling with residue or making too many passes, let us bring a tool to you to tackle this issue. Just this fall so far we have already done 7 demos and we have a lot more to cover.

New YouTube Videos This Week

We are continuing to add new and fresh content every week to keep our customers engaged with what we are up to. Enjoy these recent videos. We currently have 2,080 YouTube subscribers, help us reach 3,000 by subscribing today!


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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

5056 Cover crop seeder on a VRT tillage toolWe added a 5056 Cover crop seeder to this 2VRT tillage tool in the shop this week.
john deere 1790This 1790 is getting a makeover.
25' VRT on a truckThis week we got a 25' VRT delivered, and it is ready to hit the field for demos soon!
planter fertilizer tank bracketCheck out this planter fertilizer tank bracket Sam made this week.

Used Items This Week

John Deere 2680H High speed disk tool
used John Deere 2680H
John Deere 2680H for sale


This week we have a used John Deere 2680H High speed disk tool. This is a 20' machine that works great to bury residue in the fall rolling packer in the back leaves a crumbled seedbed.


This unit is located at our Wabash store on State Route 29.

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