Salford 5200 Enforcer Buries Residue

Weather held off for most parts of the state this week to get some harvest done. We performed several Salford demos this week across the state. Wednesday night the local FFA chapter brought dinner out to our farm and we got the opportunity to meet the kids and show them around our farm and shop. We are never too busy to help educate the next generation. Our latest podcast episode is loaded and ready for listeners! We have had around 75 downloads of our Talkin Shed podcast to date. We enjoy doing it and plan to have several guests in the future.


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Salford Tillage ToolsSalford tools are built to last. The tool on the right (a 2005) was traded recently for the tool on the left. Learn more about this story below.

The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

Wisconsin Bound! Ride Along Ss We Talk Input Prices
Yes that is right. We are headed to the cheese state to install another cover crop seeder! Tractor Central called us up because one of their customers watched our Youtube channel and saw a seeder mounted on a Deere 2660 VT 30 tool. So we loaded the trailer and we are going to have another happy customer with a Valmar. Listen in as we talk about fertilizer application trends we see happening specifically in Nh3.

lift truck loading truck

We are still loading Yetter Devastators for fall delivery!

The Salford 5200 Enforcer

A tillage tool in a category of its own. Guys who chisel in the fall love what the Case 875s do to residue and also how level they leave the field. But in the spring, those fields are soft, the planter sinks and it makes you question, do I need to be going 10"-14" deep every fall? You lose the carrying capacity of the soil, the bottom side that keeps you floating. The 5200 manages the top 4-6" to bury and mix residue while traveling 10 mph and covering 2x the acres per day of a chisel. The Enforcer also leaves a smooth mellow finish for a one pass and plant in the spring. This tool solves a lot of problems guys have been looking for.

A Testament to Salford Tillage Tool Integrity

This week we had a local family who is a long time customer of ours trade tillage tools. Their trade in they had owned since 2005! Covering thousands of acres in that time, they have only replaced a dozen or so of the coil bearings and not much else outside of new blades from time to time. Their new tillage tool (a Salford 1231) shows their belief and dedication to the Salford Brand, a tool built for longevity.

2 Salford Tillage ToolsSalford 1231Salford 12312005 Salford Tillage

New YouTube Videos This Week

We are continuing to add new and fresh content every week to keep our customers engaged with what we are up to. Enjoy these recent videos. We currently have 1.07K YouTube subscribers, help us reach 2,000 by subscribing today!


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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

frame for 3 point boom seederA frame for a 3 point Boom seeder.
These pieces are ready for welding. Once a product is designed it goes off to a manufacturer to be lasered and bent.
cover crop seeder on a John Deere 2660 VTThis picture was from the Wisconsin trip. A tight fit but the seeder sits on there well.
16' EnforcerTillage demos are in full swing! The 16' Enforcer is headed south of our farm for a demo.

Used Items This Week

2005 30' Salford 570 VT tool with Valmar 3255 Cover Crop Seeder2005 30' Salford 570 VT tool2005 30' Salford 570 VT tool2005 30' Salford 570 VT tool2005 30' Salford 570 VT tool with Valmar 3255 Cover Crop Seeder. New blades were installed last year. These tools work great for seeding cover crops, or harvest wheat. In the spring they do a great job of breaking the crust and forming an awesome seedbed to plant into.



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