Salford 2200 With Hydraulic Shanks, A Game Changer Tool

It is fair time here in Mercer county, as it starts today and runs through Thursday of next week. We spent a good part of a couple days towing and hauling equipment up to our display booth to show attendees what equipment we offer. Most areas were blessed with some moisture over the past week. We totaled around 0.8" which is great and often hard to come by in August. But with fair week this week, we can count on a few down pours, happens every year. Our shop was swamped this week: installed 2 Valmar cover crop seeders, got the seeder mounted on the John Deere sprayer, and a lot of other things you will see in next weeks email. Yetter devastators are still the hot topic. Get yours coming while you can. Harvest is right around the corner.


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cover crop seedersWe kept the crane busy this week mounting cover crop seeders. This one went onto a 2224 with the hydraulic shank kit making it as versatile of a tool as you can buy.

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Hydraulic Shanks Change the Game for the Salford 2200

Versatility is the name of the game when looking for a new tillage tool. It needs to be able to size stalks, take out tire tracks, be able to plant behind in one pass, and make a great spring seedbed. All of this is very hard to do without 3 different tools. However, tools like the VRT and 2200 with shanks are changing this. The 2200, a heavy duty VT on 5" spacing can do everything except pull out tire tracks or medium compaction, it is just not designed to do so. However, when we add the switchblade shank kit, a set of ripper points spaced out 30" to a tool, now you have something that can dig. Maybe use it on end rows or where trucks run, maybe there is a wet spot consistently throughout the year that needs aired out. Check out the videos below to see them in action.

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

cover crop seedersWe installed 2 seeders this week in the shop, both were 24' Salfords.
Vertical Tillage toolThis is a new 2224 with shanks and a seeder, talk about versatility!
Duetz tractor on trailerWe were busy this week trucking equipment up to the Mercer county fair, which starts today.
Yetter Maverick 8 row strip till toolbarThis Yetter Maverick 8 row strip till toolbar is being built in the shop today. It is retailed to a customer for fall use.

Used Items This Week

2020 25' Great Plains Terra Max
used Great Plains Terra Max


This week we have a used 2020 25' Great Plains Terra Max. Adjustable gang angle, double rolling basket, a great finishing tool that offers a lot of versatility.


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