Sales Team Heads South to Martin Till: Elkton, KY

On our trip from our shop to Elkton, KY, we did not find a bad looking corn field. Stands were uniform, stalks were deep green and still no firing all of the way to the ground. We need August to play nice, offer some rain and we should have an exciting fall. We are still very busy in our shop. This week we made a Hagie Rear Boom, Valmar seeder mount brackets for a Landoll and a Krause and much more. We will be heading to the Ohio Farm Science Review in September, so look for more details on some cool products we will be demonstrating there.


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Fennig Equipment's Sales Team
Monday and Tuesday our sales team (L to R Adam Fennig, Jake Beck, Cody Cisco, Kevin Toschlog, Seth Reisinger) headed to Elkton, KY for dealer training. Learn more about the trip below.
Triple Threat Fertilizer System, a great way to add value to your current liquid applicator. Fertilizer at the base of the plant and then also in the center of the row.
Salford 5200 Enforcer
This Salford 5200 Enforcer in at a demo tearing up wheat stubble. The Enforcer is known for its ability to bury residue but still leave a great smooth finish.

Let Storage Tanks Save you Big Money on Pre-Pay

Now is the time to lock in fertilizer prices for 2022, but you have no place to store all of that liquid? We can help with our Enduraplas lineup and our Meridian line up of tanks. Enduraplas is offered in sizes from 1,000 to 10,000 gallons. Meridians popular sizes are 12' x 35 and 12' x 40' 30,000 or 35,000 and offer 17,000 gallons up to 80,000 gallons.

flat bottom tank storage

Meridian Mfg Storage bins


Our Sales Team Headed South

Martin Till is a great company to represent. Family owned, great people with integrity making quality products with integrity. We were given a tour of the factory to see all of the machines and employees busy at working making row cleaners, spindles, closing wheels and much more all from scratch. I was amazed at how much of their product is designed, manufactured, built, shipped etc, all in house. We learned about some new products in the pipeline, and we got an education on some of the current flagship products. We have locked in orders for hundreds of row cleaners, closing wheels, and much more for 2022 so be sure to give us a call to help outfit your planter.


banner for Martin-Till Floating Row UnitsFennig Equipment Team Touring Martin-TillFennig Equipment Team Touring Martin-Till

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

new welding table
This new welding table is made here in Ohio! With measured holes and fixtures, it makes welding angles a breeze.
welding table organizerThe welding table came with this organizer that keeps drawings, work orders, tools, in one spot.
FE4R tank
This FE4R tank is getting prepped for a Hagie that will be here next week. This box is designed to blow cover crops with a Hagie 120' Boom.
Corn head seeder production
Corn head seeder production is in full swing. We are currently building 10 units for this falls harvest.

Used Items This Week

side view of Blu Jet 25 Knife 1600 gallon tank liquid fertilizer applicatorJohn Deere Rate Controller 2000Blu Jet 25 Knife 1600 gallon tank liquid fertilizer applicatorBlu Jet 25 Knife 1600 gallon tank liquid fertilizer applicator. Hydraulic pump, John Deere Rate Controller. New blades were put on this spring, and it is ready to go.


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