Blades, Knives, and Pumps. We Have the Parts In Stock

Most of planting has wrapped up in our area, and in some, side dress in in full swing believe it or not. We have a few last minute applicators that we sold this week to get ready and out the door, but overall we are pretty well caught up on applicators. In our area, a lot of the April planted corn was not that great and has been replanted. We did get a ton of iron in this week from Salford: spreaders, tillage, and more. We had several call in questions on rate controllers and Raven products. Parts sales have kept us very busy this week. Today we are up in Port Clinton, Ohio walleye fishing with friends Dave Gunkelman and Lee Kilpatrick from Salford group. Winds are making some waves, but we hope to catch a limit of fish today. Feel free to call in this weekend for support as we will be ready to help over the long weekend.


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moving dirt around parking lotWe are making more room at the new Wabash facility.
overhead crane hooked up to BBI spreadersOur overhead crane comes in handy for unloading these new BBI spreaders.


In the video below, we're finally moving dirt to make more room for iron.

The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

Bill Preller talkingBill Preller: Making Strip Till Mainstream With Case-IH in Tow

An awesome podcast with Bill Prellar, a legend in the tillage and agronomy world, spending early years with DMI, then Case IH. Bill has built a career getting his hands dirty and constantly striving to make better machines with the seedbed in mind.

Blades, Knives, and Pumps. We Have the Parts In Stock

As corn starts to emerge, it is time to take a look at your applicator and make sure it is ready to roll for sidedress.

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

Salford tool on trailerWe now have 8 Salford tools in stock that need built!
Salford vertical tillage toolA Salford 2231 showed up this week, a popular tool coming up.
J&M applicator on trailerSaturday we loaded this J&M applicator, and it was delivered Monday thanks to the guys down at K&L Tractor.
Fast A26This Fast A26 was loaded Saturday and delivered to Illinois.

Used Items This Week

Spray King liquid applicator1600 gallon tank on a Spray King liquid applicatorSpray King liquid applicatorcoulters on a Spray King liquid applicator


This week we have a used 40' 15 row Spray King liquid applicator for sale. 1600 gallon tank, 15 coulters with stainless steel pump and Raven rate controller.




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