Planter Must Haves and Used Row Cleaners Now Available

If you are looking for equipment (tillage, liquid applicators, planter parts etc.), do not wait because there will be a shortage. Lead times are already into April on several pieces of equipment from multiple vendors. We have been very busy in the past 2 weeks, and as you can see we have several new trade pieces available so be sure to check out our current inventory listed below. Usually we would currently be at the National No Tillage Conference this week, but it is now virtual and available online. We certainly miss meeting and spending time with customers at that one of a kind show. We have recently seen a huge uptick in strip tillage sales especially the Yetter strip freshener. We feel these units offer the benefits of strip tillage without the high horsepower row units. Look for more out of those units this spring as we are sure to bring a lot of coverage on them. This Monday the Ohio State Buckeyes take on the well known Bama offense in the National Championship game. You know who we are rooting for. Go Buckeyes!


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 25' Krause Excellerator
Just arrived! This 25' Krause Excellerator is now located at our Coldwater store.
Valmar cover crop seeder
This week we loaded a Valmar cover crop seeder in a van headed for Iowa. Thanks to Jacks Trucking for the superior service.
Yetter Poly Twisters in stock On the move! we currently have 6,000 rows of Yetter Poly Twisters in stock and ready to ship! Be sure to order yours today because they will not last long.

Must Have Planter Attachments

There are hundreds of gadgets you could bold onto your corn planter and all of them promise to add bushels. But what really works and what really pays? Luckily we only sell products we believe in and that we know work. ROI is a must when we select products to bring to our customers. Here are a few must haves.


Totally Tubular 2x2 fertilizer banding system

Totally Tubular 2x2 fertilizer banding system. Simple, cost effective, trouble free nitrogen placement.

Martin ACCR Parallel Linkage Row Cleaners

Martin ACCR parallel linkage row cleaners. Straight up and down design paired with an air cylinder make these the Cadillac of row cleaners available today!

Spike Closing Wheels 

Spike closing wheels. Eliminate side wall compaction, remove air pockets, and maximize seed to soil contact.

Quick Attach Seed Firmer 

Whether it is for fertilizer placement or just firming the seed, the quick attach seed firmer is the best option. Easy to install and replace.

bearing kit 

The way Deere designed their tailpiece unit the bushing does not wear, the tailpiece does. Leaving you with a worn tailpiece and slop in closing wheels. The bearing kit replaces the bearing for a lifetime of wear at a low price.

GBGI Disk Opener Blades 

GBGI disk opener blades are the toughest blades on the market. 3.5 mm a cast machined housing plus a double row bearing. These are sure to last longer than your current blades.


Why Are Strip Fresheners Becoming So Popular?

The Main Reasons: Low Horsepower/High Efficiency

Strip tillage has been gaining traction for quite some time for several reasons. Fertilizer efficiency, saving beneficial residue while maintaining a tillage cycle, clean seedbed, and many more. However in the past strip tillage was high HP, slow driving and low acres per day. Now the strip freshener offers the clean seedbed, warmer furrow benefits with low horsepower and more efficiencies. Check out our videos to learn more! We only have 24 rows left for 2021!

strip freshner 




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Used Items This Week

36 Yetter Row Cleaners with Treader Wheels

Floating row cleaners without clean sweep cylinders.


 Floating Row CleanersFloating Row Cleaners

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