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An absolutely beautiful week of sunshine got tractors started and dirt turning across the midwest. Several customers were doing tillage, spreading fertilizer and manure, and several guys across the states have hundreds of acres tucked into the soil. We caught rain last night just as we were getting close to running. The 10 day forecast has cold, wet weather on a few occasions. For us, we are slowly turning the page from planter preparation to sidedress season. J&M applicators, Y Drop toolbars, Yetter Magnum bars, and other projects are next on the list through the shop. As planting season approaches, keep in mind our inventory of fittings, valves, closing wheels, pumps, and more. We stock the parts to keep you up and running.


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This load bound for Kansas left our shop last Friday. We are the nations supplier of Yetter, Salford, and Valmar products
J&M applicator
This J&M applicator was delivered to Illinois this week to a customer who wanted Fennig Equipment to build their fertilizer applicator.

Strip Fresheners, A Pass That Isn't Going Away

Strip tillage in general has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years especially in the strip freshener area. This is where you take a lower HP unit at higher speeds to create a strip that is fairly shallow 1–4" deep mainly to crate a fast but nice seedbed. Of course fertilizer is often incorporated into this system.


This is the controller for the Yetter Cab Control units. Controlling the row cleaners, baskets, and down pressure at the turn of a knob.

Salford's Superior Independent Design

Salford has been know to have a tool that is completely different. Unlike all of the others, there are no gangs, and this is a huge benefit in many ways. This week we changed blades on a 24' 5" spacing Salford in 2 hours! No removing gangs or hoping nuts come loose, and of course no torch, just zip off 4 bolts and slide the old blade off. With each blade equipped with its own coil spring, the constant jack hammering effect of the tool vertically breaks compaction up to 20" below the blade depth. Optimizing root growth while maintaining soil structure is the secret behind the Salfords. Yet another reason to have a Salford in your tool line up.

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

Strip Freshener toolbars

Strip Freshener toolbars are the hot items this spring.
Have an idea in your head but unsure how to bring it to life? Call Fennig Equipment and we can get you fixed up.
strip freshenersDozens of strip fresheners have arrived this week! Stay tuned for toolbar projects coming soon.
A full 53' trailer was required to get all of this equipment to Kansas last week.

Used Items This Week

3 shank Krause DominatorJust In: 13 shank Krause Dominator with covering disks and rolling baskets.




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