Our Custom Truck Bed Finally Arrived. Happy New Year.

What a week here in Ohio, warm and mild to start with and now we all know how cold it has gotten. Here at our shop, if any of you remember or have seen our F-450 flatbed dually truck, the motor gave out on it Monday, a full rebuild puts it out for 3 weeks. For a truck with 270,000 miles, it has deliveries A LOT of equipment over the past 9 years so we plan to keep it around. Our next adventure includes a Freightliner with a Detroit Diesel motor, this will make hauling this big equipment a more relaxing adventure. As we move into 2021, the month of January used to be filled with farm shows, it will be interesting to see how we are able to continue to connect with customers throughout that time of no farm shows. With the end of the year approaching, be sure to contact us for any equipment needs.


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 Happy New Year
Happy New Year From Fennig Equipment.
truck service bedOur service bed arrived yesterday from Martin Truck Bodies in PA. This is a body designed to hold tools and such, but you can also pull a gooseneck trailer with it. This will come in handy while out on the road doing installations.
Tractorhouse magazineBe sure to pick up the Tractorhouse magazine this week! Our listings are on the front cover in the NE Edition.

Talking Closing Wheels with Jared Chester from Becks Hybrids

Over the past decade we have tested and sold several types of closing wheel systems. Today there are only a few that our salesman will carry in their back pocket. Shorter spikes make sense in most conditions whether it is a steel or a poly spike closing wheel. No matter the tillage practice that principle remains the same: Crumble sidewall created by force planter gauge wheels put on soil, remove air pockets by putting down pressure on seed, and maximizing soil contact around the seed. The short spike does all of these things well with very little down pressure required on the seed.


closing wheels

closing wheels

closing wheels 


Why Are Strip Fresheners Becoming So Popular?

The Main Reasons: Low Horsepower/High Efficiency

Strip tillage has been gaining traction for quite some time for several reasons. Fertilizer efficiency, saving beneficial residue while maintaining a tillage cycle, clean seedbed, and many more. However in the past strip tillage was high HP, slow driving and low acres per day. Now the strip freshener offers the clean seedbed, warmer furrow benefits with low horsepower and more efficiencies. Check out our videos to learn more! We only have 24 rows left for 2021!

strip freshner 



New YouTube Videos This Week

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Used Items This Week

Yetter 1600 gallon all steer fertilizer cart

Includes fill plumbing and plumbing to the tongue



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