October 23, 2020

Unwanted rain covered most of Ohio this week followed by a beautiful day yesterday. Back down to the 40s over the weekend as most guys are itching to get into corn. As you may have heard, our big product announcement was the Salford HSD lineup of tillage tools that are set up to change the tillage game in a big way. We will have those tools available this spring to run on your farm. Zach and Kurt headed to Cincinnati this morning to install a Valmar 4056 on a Great Plains Turbo Max. Next week we hope for dryer weather and we will be running a corn head seeder on our 9510 Combine. For service this weekend feel free to call 419-953-8500


Have a great weekend!

 Halo HSD
The new Halo HSD will be the one pass and plant tool our customers have asked for.


This 8 row Devastaor has over 10,000 acres on it, and is still rolling strong!

A New Generation of Tillage: The Salford Halo

For years customers have asked for the 1 pass tillage tool, high speed, lower HP that can lift and bury but still plant behind. Salford has changed the tillage game again with the HSD and the other high speed tillage tools. We are extremely excited to put this tool to work in the field for our customers to take them to the next level. Call Fennig Equipment today for a demo of the latest tools from Salford.


The HSD boasts a 22" blade with 5 bolt hub design. A transport width of only 11' 8"
Built to run 3-5" deep, this HSD can tear out root balls, bury residue, and create a phenomenal seedbed in one high speed pass.
The HALO Aerway is a unique tool that combines the air infiltration of an Aerway and the vertical fracturing of the Salford True VT. This tool will fill a lot of voids in manure management and residue incorporation.

Finding Ways to Seed Cover Crops

Fennig Equipment is known around the nation for providing solutions to seeding cover crops in an efficient manner. This fall we are excited to be seeing results of our products providing great growth throughout the country. We have several corn head seeders running around the country to seed as they harvest.The pictures below were seeded with our S2S system in between corn rows. Our S2S system is a slit seeding style system with depth control and hydraulic down pressure. Both the Corn Head Seeder and the S2S are available for retail for 2021.

New YouTube Videos This Week

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