Harvest is Here. Tillage Demos Available Now.

A big start to harvest is underway this week. Beans have been going into the bins and corn seems to be too wet in most parts. I have seen a lot of wheat drills in the field running and getting that next crop going. We were busy in the field getting units up and running, calibration BBI spreaders, and getting tillage tools up and running in the field. Next week will be a big week for running demos as well, but overall a great start to harvest. If there is a tillage tool you have in mind to try this fall, be sure to give us a call. We have sold a lot of BBI fertilizer spreaders in the last month, and we are down to just a couple of them, if you need one, give us a call ASAP, the next batch is scheduled for February.


Be sure to tune into our YouTube Channel. Have a great weekend, and feel free to call 419-953-8500.

fertilizer pouring into a BBI Liberty spreaderA local customer is filling his new BBI Liberty with fertilizer to spread ahead of wheat planting. BBI makes an elite Fertilizer and Lime spreader if you are in the market.
Salford plowHoly plow! Did you know Salford used to make a heck of a plow? This one is the last one ever made and Jake sold it to Crawford County Ohio. This will be used to plow under corn stalks going back to corn.


Tool Talk

We are starting a new segment highlighting the tools that make our shop more efficient and will be handy on your farm.


Milwaukee 1/2” 90 Degree Impact: This compact unit is stout. Great for tight spots such as the planter or corn head. This unit is super lightweight and we use it frequently to tighten 5/8" bolts and sometimes to even do 3/4" on Yetter Devastators. Rely on this little impact to save your day. Get one on your work bench soon!


Meet Our Team

Cassie Menchhofer


Have you ever wanted to put a name with a face? Who doesn't get a little curious every once in a while? Let's get started!

Cassie Menchhofer has been with Fennig Equipment since December 2016, and her role is mostly centered around purchasing parts and equipment. You will likely recognize her as the author of the “Cassie's Country Cupboard” portion of the weekly newsletter as she enjoys cooking, gardening, and preserving all sorts of food. Cassie grew up near Grand Lake St. Mary's and is now living on a grain and turkey operation just a few miles from Fennig Equipment along with her husband and two sons. A lot of times if you call into the office, or have in the past, it is Cassie who may answer to help get you where you are going.

Cassie Menchhofer

New YouTube Videos This Week

We are continuing to add new and fresh content every week to keep our customers engaged with what we are up to. Enjoy these recent videos. We currently have 1,530 YouTube subscribers, help us reach 2,000 by subscribing today!


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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

3 point 60' air boom systemHere is the completed 3 point 60' air boom system we built this week. It will be headed for New York soon.
planter tank bracketsSam is busy welding up planter tank brackets for springtime planter builds. Need to add fertilizer to your planter? We have the tanks and brackets!
Salford 1224This Salford 1224 was built and delivered to a local customer this week.
Salford ST series tanks and cartsThis load of Salford products arrived this week from the Iowa plant. ST series tanks and carts for fertilizer banding.

Used Items This Week

2014 Used Salford 1224front view of a Used Salford 12242014 Used Salford 1224side view of a 2014 Used Salford 1224

This week we have a 2014 used Salford 1224. One of the hardest to come by tools in a used unit, and it is here in Coldwater. Featuring the new style 5" spacing with heavy duty undercarriage, walking tandems and tires. A unit you won't want to miss if you are interested in that size.


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