November 6, 2020

An extremely exciting week for us. The new Salford HSD has more interest than we have seen in any tillage tool we have ever offered. This tool arrived Tuesday, and it has already been to Findlay, OH and Michigan on demos. Do not forget to come to our farm Monday to see this tool run on our farm. Come at any time of the day as we will be showing this tool all day. Just stop and we will get you familiar with the tool. Yetter Devastators are making their rounds across the country laying stalks flat and making customers happy. Hopefully everyone has been making great headway on harvest as this weather hangs over us. Markets received a bump yesterday offering some nice fall pricing opportunities. Next week will be another great week making the best of this Indian Summer. For service this weekend feel free to call 419-953-8500.


Have a great weekend!

 corn harvest
What a beautiful week of weather for corn harvest, hopefully everyone is having a safe fall of farming.
Salford Halo HSD
Salford Halo HSD

Meet the New Salford HSD Tillage Tool

This week we took delivery of the very first dealer stock Salford HSD Tillage tool. At first we were nervous about the performance of a new to the market machine, but the video speaks for itself! No other tool can mix soil and residue so consistently and well as the HSD. The distance between the two rows of blades allows for higher residue flow and a more consistent finish.




 We will run in soybean and corn residue at all depths.

Salford Halo HSD

Digging More into the Corn Head Seeder

Fennig Equipment is known around the nation for providing solutions to seeding cover crops in an efficient manner. This fall we are excited to be seeing results of our products providing great growth throughout the country. We have several corn head seeders running around the country to seed as they harvest. The pictures below were seeded with our S2S system in between corn rows. Our S2S system is a slit seeding style system with depth control and hydraulic down pressure. Both the Corn Head Seeder and the S2S are available for retail for 2021.

New YouTube Videos This Week

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