November 13, 2020

Another great week of weather, at least here in Ohio. Crops are wrapping up and fall tillage is being done. As you can see in the pictures below, we are doing some home improvement work in our shop this week. This should greatly improve our efficiency in getting multiple jobs done at one time. We have been very busy running tillage demos around for customers to try tools before they make changes for next year. This week we have performed over a dozen demos in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. I have talked to a lot of people looking for a good used cover crop seeder. Scroll down because that is this weeks used item spotlight! If you want to improve your tillage operations this year, be sure to give us a call. We have a wide variety of tools to get the job done! For service this weekend feel free to call 419-953-8500.


Have a great weekend!

 Fennig Equipment shopFennig Equipment shop
Our shop size just doubled! For years we have talked about taking out the wall dividing our two shop bays, this week it happened!
baby Jackson
Adam and his wife Kaitlyn welcomed Jackson David Fennig into the world this week. Jackson and mommy made it home Thursday!

Salford HALO HSD Field Day

Monday we held field demonstration day to show how the Salford HALO worked and to get customers acquainted with the new tool. It provided a great opportunity for pictures and videos to share with everyone to learn more about what this tool can do on your farm.




Salford HALOSalford HALO

Customer Spotlight: Alliance Dairy, Gilchrist, FL

Back in June, Zach and I got the call to head for Georgia to install a Valmar cover crop seeder on a VT tool for a dairy wanting to seed various grasses. It wasn't until we arrived that we quickly realized Alliance Dairy was quite the operation. After the work was finished we took a tour of the dairy and learned a lot about the operation. I was shocked that a dairy could be successful in such a hot climate, but the shallow water table allows for easy water access to easily cool the cows. The big benefit of the warm climate was the multiple crops that could be harvested in one year (3 corn crops on some fields). Scroll down to learn more about why Alliance Dairy is one of the most interesting farming operations I have ever been on.

overhead shot of Alliance Dairiesoverhead shot of Alliance Dairies

Established in 1990, Alliance Dairies is a Florida Limited Liability Partnership and is the largest confinement dairy in the state of Florida utilizing the latest dairy technologies to optimize production with emphasis on nutrition, animal health, genetics and quality control. With three milking sites, a transition cow facility and a replacement heifer facility, Alliance milks 11,000 cows two to three times a day and produces 33,510,000 gallons of milk a year (sixteen truckloads a day). The herd consists of approximately 13,000 mature cows plus heifers, and calves. Operations also include growing 75% of the forages needed to feed the herd on approximately 6,500 acres of irrigated farmland. This includes corn silage, ryegrass, sorghum, and Bermuda grass. (Each lactating cow consumes an average of 100 pounds of feed a day.) The dairy also recycles manure for the fertilizer needed to grow forages and has been an innovator in producing electricity from manure. Herd care is another key component of operation. Breeding is closely timed and monitored to ensure maximum conception rates. Barn maintenance is important to the overall health of the herd, and rigorous standards ensure total quality control. Ultimately it takes a great team of talented and dedicated employees to make this happen! To learn more about Alliance Dairies, please visit our website at


New YouTube Videos This Week

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Used Items This Week

Used Valmar 2455 Cover Crop Seeder

Hydraulic Drive with John Deere Rate Control 2000

24 deflectors



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