Spring Strip Till: How Can the Freshener Units Fit into Your Spring Operation?

I have heard of a few pockets across the midwest that have planted some crops but overall another moist week. Today we are getting a little rain and most of the week has been cloudy. The early soybean ship has sailed, but the good news is, once it dries, the temperatures will be good! We got a strip till bar up and running in Bucyrus, OH this week, and he was able to cover a few hundred acres before it got too wet. Salford tillage demos have been in full swing, and we have been moving tools all week. This break in the weather has created a nice break for guys to test their planters and get everything dialed in before the big rush comes around. We have gotten a great jump start on side dress applicators and have most of the J&M applicators built and delivered. Next week is sure to be a busy one with the weather, and we are very well prepared for it! Have a great weekend, and get those planters facing the field and ready for go time!


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Salford ST-10 with 16 Yetter Cab Control row unitsThis strip till rig is up and running in Bucyrus, OH. Salford ST-10 with 16 Yetter Cab Control row units creating strips and placing fertilizer in this heavy corn residue ahead of twin row beans.
40' Salford 550 Field Cultivator in the fieldThis 40' Salford 550 Field Cultivator was up and running last weekend in Pandora, OH. The 2 piece S Tine cultivator is an elite cultivator especially when equipped with a double rolling basket.


Strip Till in The Spring

This spring there will be hundreds of strip till units and carts making strips that were not doing so just a few years ago. Several things, including the obvious fertilizer price, has driven demand in the strip till world. There is nothing better than creating an are for the seed to thrive while keeping residue and soil in place nearby. Adding fertility to the mix simply makes sense when we talk about how the corn plant takes in nutrients. The closer the better. Below are a few videos we have put together on the spring strip unit from Yetter Mfg. At the speed you can go with these units, you can strip till much faster than you could do a tillage pass without opening up the field to weed pressure, loss of moisture, and erosion. If you would like to demo one of these units this spring, get a hold of us. We can get a bar onto your farm.


The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

This weeks podcast is a good one! Adam and Cody sit down with Mike Flatt, CEO of Hardi Sprayers. Mike is from Indiana and cut his teeth on all things application. Mike carries a passion that can get anyone excited about the Hardi company. Listen in as there are a ton of great thoughts in this podcast!

Hardi Sprayer in the field

Hardi Sprayers, A Chat with Mike Flatt; CEO Hardi North America

About 6 months ago, we became a dealer for Hardi pull type sprayers. This week we had Hardi dealer training, and we sat down with the CEO, Mike Flatt. I was personally blown away with the quality, integrity, and knowledge that is held at Hardi. A great team with support beyond measure. Listen in as we talk industry trends, and moves Hardi has had to make to be where they are today. Mike is extremely real for a CEO. The title can be an issue for some, but Mike knows the industry, the customer, and has the fight to push Hardi to new heights.

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

Hagie DTSAny guess what this Hagie DTS is getting added to it?
toolbar loaded on a truckThis toolbar was shipped to its final destination in Canada this week.
planter tanksThis work of art is a set of planter tanks that are off to powdercoat.
2 60' J&M applicatorsWe finished 2 60' J&M applicators this week. We are getting a good start on sidedress projects!

Used Items This Week

11 Row Nh3 3 Point toolbar11 Row Nh3 3 Point toolbar



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