Calibrating Your BBI Spreader

Beautiful weather has arrived in Ohio, and many farmers are taking advantage of it this week. We traveled all over getting product up and running, doing field demos and small fixes on planter fertilizer systems. Overall we did not see many planters rolling through Thursday, a pocket near lima, a pocket near Union City, IN, not much here around Coldwater yet. Most of our shop guys are out farming so we are a skeleton crew in the shop, but luckily most of the planter season projects are delivered and in use. We have several Salford demos we are doing now with VRT all across the state. Today we are headed down by Cincinnati to rig up a Salford ST-10 on a tillage tool for incorporating dry in the spring.


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Salford 1231This Salford 1231 was retailed by Cody in November after a fall demo. We delivered the tool in March, and Wednesday we went to the customer's farm in Pandora, OH to help him get it set in the field. Check out the in cab video below.
 BBI LibertyThis BBI Liberty was retailed back in February and a promise was made to pan test for the customer when the time came. Yesterday Cody and Adam helped get the customer running by setting the rate and getting the pattern set correctly in Ada, OH.


Calibrating Your BBI Spreader

Slinging fertilizer is a lot more in depth than it sounds. Rate, spread width, spread pattern, wind, and product quality all come into play. This week Cody and I shot a few videos talking about how to set your rate, how to pan test and what adjustments to make. These principles hold true for most any brand spreader, but of course, we prefer you choose the BBI.

ISO Rate Controller: There is also a fully automatic rate controller option than can be purchased to adjust for speed across the field. These are available on the hydraulic spreaders and make it nice for calibrating rates and auto section control.


The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

This weeks podcast was recorded Wednesday morning at the shop. Dave Gunkelman, our Salford rep, came into town Tuesday, and we recorded the next morning. Listen in as we talk all things Salford and of course much more.

Salford in the field

Morning Coffee With Dave Gunkelman; Salford Changes Ownership

In this episode we sit down with Dave and talk about everything under the sun. Dave is a great friend and mentor to our business and helps with a lot of decisions. Listen in as we talk about how Salford can make farmers more efficient, make less passes, and make better nutrient placement.

New YouTube Videos This Week

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

seeder at Fennig EquipmentWe are building a cool rig here! A seeder out the back and our S2S units on the bar will make for a interseeding/Fertilizer pass all in one!
Valmar seederThis Valmar seeder is mounted out the back of a Hagie DTS sprayer and will be used for interseeding cover crops.
Salford 5212 Vertical TillageWe delivered this 5212 to a demo field this week to work under some chopped Triticale.

Used Items This Week

front view of an 11 Row Spray King liquid sidedress applicatorside view of an 11 Row Spray King liquid sidedress applicatorcoulter/knife combo


This week we have a used 11 Row Spray King liquid sidedress applicator. Hydraulic pump, 1000 gallon tank with a Micro Trak rate controller. This unit has the coulter/knife combos and is located in Coldwater, OH.


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