Salford Demo Days Next Week

What a week it was! Walk in customers, deliveries, planter installs, new equipment arrivals, we had it all. This time of year we are reminded of how great our employees are who work long hours to make everything come together in time for the customer! Finally, we are down to our final couple of planters to finish installations, and that will be a great feeling! Next week we have our Salford demo days series starting Tuesday. Be sure to read more about that down below. Other than in season service of planters, we will shift gears to sidedress time. Y drop tooolbars, J&M applicators, and other fertilizer placement tools will be our focus over the next few months. Next week we will be releasing another exciting podcast, be sure to tune in!


Have a great weekend, and feel free to call 419-953-8500.

tank and bracket on front of tractorThis customer near Wapak, OH wanted to add liquid carrying capacity to the front of his tractor but still be able to have a full weight rack. Our shop guys went to work and this tank and bracket fit up perfectly.
Top Air sprayersSold! These two Top Air sprayers both headed for Illinois to spray 5,000 acres of wheat. When it is a little wet, nothing beats the floatation of these little sprayers, They are super handy, and easy to operate.


Salford Demo Days Next Week!

Starting Tuesday we are having 3 Days of Salford Demos!


Day 1 April 19th: 381 Maple Road Quincy, MI 49082

Day 2 April 20th: Nova, OH Store

Day 3 April 21st: Coldwater, OH Store


Though this is could be right during planting and spring work, you can bet we will be doing live in field videos for everyone to see. We encourage everyone to come see the new Halo VRT tool in action at all 3 locations.


Demos start at 9:00 AM and run until 2:00 PM


Call or text your sales rep, or call into the office 419-953-8500 to join.

The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

This weeks podcast is a good one! Adam sits down with Mike Schwegman to discuss all things fertilizer application. Capstan is an industry leader in precise application, and they take it to a whole other level. Mike himself is very sharp and shares a wealth of knowledge in this podcast.

CapstanAG logo

Capstan Ag, Leaders in Precise Liquid Application Technology

In this episode Adam sits down with Mike Schwegman, product specialist at Capstan Ag. Mike has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to all things liquid application, which is Capstans specialty. For years they have been the industry leaders in making spraying more accurate and more efficient. Capstan has some exciting technology ideas on the horizon and they will continue to create products that make farmers think differently about application.

New YouTube Videos This Week

We are continuing to add new and fresh content every week to keep our customers engaged with what we are up to. Enjoy these recent videos. We currently have 1,300 YouTube subscribers, help us reach 2,000 by subscribing today!


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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

Case IH 2150This new Case IH 2150 16 row is getting fertilizer added to it. Ground drive pump, and Totally Tubular fertilizer system, and Wilger row by row flow monitor system.
15' Yetter rotary hoeThis 15' Yetter rotary hoe found a new home this week in southern, IN
40' Field CultivatorThis 40' Field Cultivator was assembled this week in the shop, with a tool that big unfolded, there wasn't much room for anything else!
Yetter Furrow MaxThis photo of the Yetter Furrow Max was sent to us by Matt Johnson of Redkey, Indiana. These units have a lot of potential and we are excited to see them run in the field this spring.

Used Items This Week

41' Yetter Rotary Hoe41' Yetter Rotary Hoe41' Yetter Rotary Hoe41' Yetter Rotary Hoe41' Yetter Rotary HoeThis week we have a used 41' Yetter Rotary Hoe. This unit is a 2014 model year, new wheels in 2021. This unit has gauge wheels and helper springs, an option that adds down pressure to wheel for hard soil conditions.


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