Meridian Mfg Added to Our Product Lineup

Happy Friday! Fungicide application is going strong across the country on corn that has some potential. As I traveled through Indiana and Southern Illinois this week, there were a lot of fields that looked great, parts of S Illinois had excess water but the corn crop didn't seem too phased. The Ohio Farm Science Review is coming up in September, we will be attending and have equipment on display and demo if you are planning to attend.


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black flat bottom storage tanks
In need of liquid fertilizer storage? We stock flat bottom, cone bottom, and horizontal tanks in a variety of color options. Call us today to price a storage solution for your farm.
Triple Threat Fertilizer System, a great way to add value to your current liquid applicator. Fertilizer at the base of the plant and then also in the center of the row.

New Product Lineup: Meridian MFG

We are always building our brand lineup of products to offer to our customers. This week we added Meridian Manufacturing, makers of bulk dry and liquid storage bins, seed tenders, conveyors, and much more! If you have interest in any of their products, be sure to reach out to us for more information.


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Meridian Mfg Storage bins

The Yetter Devastator. What does it Do?

As we approach harvest, it is time to talk more about the Yetter devastator and what it can do for you. Think of it as a way to breakdown tough stalks, manage residue, and return nutrients to the soil, without an additional pass. We have had a huge amount of success with the devastators and they have become one of the most popular items in our product lineup, and for good reason. Watch the videos below to learn more.

New YouTube Videos This Week

We are continuing to add new and fresh content every week to keep our customers engaged with what we are up to. Enjoy these recent videos. We currently have 978 YouTube subscribers, help us reach 1,000 by subscribing today!


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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

custom brackets
These planter brackets will be headed for powder coat soon. The new plasma is helping a lot with making custom bracket kits.
This 1224 got a new seeder and is being delivered today to its new home in eastern Ohio
parts storage bins
This week we have been adding parts storage in the shop, these bins will hold more hydraulic fittings to add to our stock of parts.
Y drop toolbar
This Y drop toolbar got loaded this week and is headed for Canada.

Used Items This Week

front view of 20' Aerway CCT tillage toolside view of 20' Aerway CCT tillage tool20' Aerway CCT tillage tool20' Aerway CCT tillage tool20' Aerway CCT tillage tool, available with or without cover crop seeder. These units are great for incorporating manure, mixing residue, and breaking compaction in the fall.


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