Martin vs Yetter Row Cleaners (They Both Win)

This week I made my way over to Indianapolis to visit the National No-Till Conference. Around 900 farmers were in attendance, and I got to meet up with several folks and visit some vendors as well. I also made my way down to southern Ohio to deliver some Yetter parts, made a few stops down there including at Brian Browns new shop to see them. Next week hopefully we get to visit with many of you at the Ft. Wayne Farm Show. As always, it will be bitter cold at that show. This year we are going to try and get some larger equipment in the booth, a BBI spreader and a Deutz 5080 are loaded. We will see if we can get them in there. Planter jobs are starting to heat up. Next week we have a fertilizer job near Jackson Center, and we have several others once the weather gets a little nicer outside.


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Deutz Tractor and BBI SpreaderThis load is headed for the Ft. Wayne farm show. We think we can fit both the tractor and the spreader in our booth. We will see!
Salford 30' 570This Salford 30' 570 got loaded up Monday and found its new home in Missouri.


This is a slideshow video showing a dozen or so examples of planter tank brackets we have done on different brands of planters.

The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

Our Friend Lee Kilpatrick Talks BBI Spreaders

Lee resides in Darian, GA on the east coast where he manages the Salford US Sales Territory. Lee started on spreaders long ago and has helped BBI and Salford build the spreader portfolio to where it is today. In this episode, Lee talks about what we may see at the Louisville, KY farm show in the Salford Booth and a whole lot more.

Martin Vs Yetter Row Cleaners (They Both Win)

It seems every other day I am talking to customers about which row cleaner is "best". This decision takes a lot of discovery to dig into things like: what types of residue will you be planting into, do you have an ISO display, beans or corn planter, high speed, and of course budget, goals, and ROI. As I lay out clearly in the video, each of the 3 versions I described have been many customers best attachment they have ever put on their planter. The 2940 takes a long term big investment with ISO controls, but man is it smooth and accurate. The 2967 and ACCR are both different price ranges but can have an air cylinder added to them. The choice is yours but just be sure to have removed that no-till coulter and have some type of row cleaner on there.

New YouTube Videos This Week

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

semi at Fennig EquipmentOur new Semi took a break from over the road to get new brakes and a few other tune ups.
Trailer lights are a constant battle, it seems they are constantly needing attention.
new warehouse at Fennig EquipmentAustin and the team are making some huge progress on moving inventory over to the new warehouse.
plasma tableWe had the 5X10 plasma table running this week. It sure is handy to bring something scribbled on a paper to real life.

Used Items This Week

Salford 30' 570 VT toolused Salford 30' 570 VT toolused Salford 30' 570 VT tool for sale

This week we have a used Salford 30' 570 VT tool with 1655 Valmar cover crop seeder. This would be a great unit to seed cover crops, wheat, or other seeds in the fall.




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