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Next week is February, the shortest month of them all. March is closer than we all think, and I can tell you south Texas is about to dust off their seed bags. A lot of excitement and opportunity awaits this spring even more than others. Strip tillage and banding fertilizer has evolved and a lot of farmers are continuing to reap benefits of strip fresheners and other product that make spring a breeze. We still have a few thousand rows of Yetter Poly Spike closing wheels left to sell if you or your neighbor needs any. Monday we will take delivery of a few 40' Moore built toolbars that will be Yetter magnum toolbars this summer. Equipment will be hard to come by in the next two months. We are doing our best to keep products in stock to keep you running. We have 9 tillage tools in inventory, 24 cover crop seeders, and plenty of used equipment. Next week is Groundhog day. Wrap your mind around that!


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 new truck service bodynew truck service body
We cannot wait to put the new truck service body to work!

New Zoom Webinar Now on YouTube

On Monday Jeff Wherley, Chris Perkins, Kevin Toschlog, Kasey Lamme and Adam Fennig joined in on a great conversation. In a Farm Show style format, we covered banding fertilizer, nutrient placement, strip tillage, and much more! Click below to watch the full webinar, and with no farm shows, you will certainly be seeing more of these meetings. They are a great way to get information to everyone.



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How to Plumb Up a Planter

When thinking about adding planter fertilizer to your operation, whether it is in furrow or 2x2x2, the first thing to consider is pump type. This is based off of gallons per acre: hydraulic, ground driven, or electric. From there, consider the amount of carrying capacity you have. 3 Options: 360 yield center tanks=700 gallons, front tank =300 gallons, or the planter. So now that we have the pump and capacity figured out, then we figure out delivering device whether it's Yetter dual 2968, Bandit, Conceal, Keeton, or Totally Tubular. Of course we always use redball flow indicators to distribute and to monitor flow.


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New YouTube Videos This Week

We are continuing to add new and fresh content every week to keep our customers engaged with what we are up to. Enjoy these recent videos, we currently have 739 subscribers YouTube Subscribers, help us reach 800 by subscribing today!

What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

scales on a BBI Liberty fertilizer

Installing scales on this new BBI Liberty fertilizer/lime spreader.
truck service body
Installing the service body involves a lot of wiring, cutting, and drilling holes to make everything right.
Salford 2241
This Salford 2241 is headed to Eastern Ohio to its new home.
550 field cultivator
We took the rear hitch off of this 550 field cultivator prior to delivery to MI.

Used Items This Week

Used 2018 Salford 31' 4200 Hybrid Tillage Tool

New Blades!

Double rolling basket finisher



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