Looking for a Better way to Seed Cover Crops?

Happy Friday! We received some much needed rain this past week as we enter the home stretch on the 2021 crop year. Here in western Ohio we were starting to get really dry with the heat we had over the past week or so. Cover crop season is really picking up around here, and our list of sold Valmars gets longer and more and more installs get added to the docket.


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10,000 gallon liquid storage tanks
These 2 10,000 gallon liquid storage tanks were delivered to a customer in southern Ohio last week. We still have a lot of options for liquid storage! Call today to order yours.
devastator storage boxes
Our stack of devastators is getting bigger and bigger. We have Drago GT, Gehringhoff, Case 4000, Deere, and much more. These units are in short supply. Order yours today.

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In todays world, when you need something, you need it now. Availability, pricing, and timing are all changing daily. We have 5 on the road salesman that are out visiting new and current customers to help provide the products and services they need. Though we stop in at thousands of farms yearly, we do not cover them all. If you would like a salesman to stop by and you are in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, or Ohio, call or text 419-852-5836. We can schedule an appointment to meet up and see how we can help provide a solution.

Fennig Equipment Sale Team

truck bed

This is one of our truck bed displays we use to bring products and ideas to a customer and to help visualize the products and ideas.


FE4R Hagie Cover Crop Seeder

A great way to get even more use out of your Hagie sprayer and seed cover crops is with our FE4R Hagie seeder. This molded tank mounts in place of the liquid tank and is capable of delivering seed out to 120'. This is a great way to establish a stand of covers prior to harvest to get a good stand before it gets too cold or too late in the year.

FE4R Hagie Cover Crop SeederFE4R Hagie Cover Crop SeederFE4R Hagie Cover Crop Seeder

New YouTube Videos This Week

We are continuing to add new and fresh content every week to keep our customers engaged with what we are up to. Enjoy these recent videos. We currently have 998 YouTube subscribers, help us reach 1,000 by subscribing today!


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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

Our torchmate plasma 4400 is getting a lot of use making parts.
FE4R cover crop boxThis FE4R cover crop box will be mounted onto a Hagie Sprayer for application of cover crops here in August.
Corn head seeder production
Corn head seeder production is in full swing. We are currently building 10 units for this falls harvest.

Used Items This Week

Yetter 15 row Magnum 10000 toolbarYetter 15 row Magnum 10000 toolbarYetter 15 row Magnum 10000 toolbarYetter 15 row Magnum 10000 toolbarYetter 15 row Magnum 10000 toolbar with Raven Vortex cooler system. 3 section shutoffs 3 point with rear hitch.


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