New Wireless Row by Row Blockage System For Sidedress Applicators

As many of you noticed, I did skip a week last week, but no worries. We are loaded with content this week to make up for it! Almost everyone I have talked to in the last 2 weeks is in need of rain other than where I was yesterday in Vincinnes, IN. They had pivots. We have been extremely busy with sidedress season, and we have almost every Y drop bar, J&M applicator, and Fast applicator up and running. We are already working hard for next year. We have all applicators, Salford Tillage, and other large items on order for next year. Our manufacturing side is busy ordering lasered parts for planter fertilizer tanks and any raw steel part to put on the shelf to save time in January-April of 2023. The drive for efficiency and rapid service never stops here.


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service truck beside a y drop toolbar
The Ambulance service truck saves the day! We cannot go anywhere without tools, parts, and storage to get customers back up and running. Saturday the Ambulance made a trip to Greenville to service a Y drop toolbar.
Fast A26 in a fieldThis Fast A26 is covering acres in southern Indiana this week. This unit is equipped with tracks and a steerable hitch option.


Accurate Row by Row Blockage Monitor that Works

We have sold a few of these now and have thousands of acres through them. There are many hopes and promises when it comes to blockage systems, but this one, we have found works very well on a liquid applicator. It tells you each rows flow, the average flow across the bar, which row is the lowest, which is the highest, and much more! Watch the video to see what we found during the install.

The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

Johnson Family Farms tractor

Johnson Family Farms; Popcorn, Sweet corn, and No-Till in Redkey, IN

Johnson Family Farms have been longtime customers of ours and are always pushing the envelope trying to increase efficiency and profitability. Focusing on nutrient placement and soil health, Matt and Zach have raised impressive crops for years from their trial and error and attention to detail. In this episode, we dive into what drives them and how their never settle attitude has pushed them forward.

New YouTube Videos This Week

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

welded metal rings sitting on a tableIt is amazing what a plasma cutter and some welding can do to make a job better. These rings will hold hoses on a Hagie DTS cover crop unit.
Y drop toolbar sitting in the shopThis Y drop toolbar is the first of its kind! It is made for a New Holland Sprayer.
J&M applicatorOut for delivery! This J&M got delivered to Marion, IN this week to do some Y drop action.
Salford 5212 Vertical TillageWe delivered this 5212 to a demo field to work under some chopped Triticale.

Used Items This Week

Landoll 7431 VT Toolside view of a Landoll 7431 VT Toolside view of a Landoll 7431 VT Tool


This week we have a used Landoll 7431 VT Tool. Comes with rear hitch and can be sold with a basket as well.


This unit will be located at the Nova, OH store.


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