June 19, 2020

This week was another busy one for us. Servicing liquid and NH3 applicators has kept us busy. Bad flow meters, new wear parts, Raven controller troubleshooting, we focus on keeping the customer up and running! This week we had a truck on the road delivering our Fennig Y Drop Toolbars from Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois. We broke ground this week with our newest product, the S2S cover crop interseeding row unit. Read more below. As corn rapidly grows every day, now is the time to start looking at yield potential and possibly booking fungicide and late nitrogen passes. If you need help this weekend, give us a call!60' Yetter Magnum 3 Point Side Dress Toolbar

This 60' Yetter Magnum 3 Point Side dress toolbar can cover 70 acres per hour!

This toolbar running in NW Ohio is the largest 3 point toolbar Fennig Equipment has ever been a part of. This Case IH 2 track make that bar look light pulling it at 7.5 mph
This week we were busy delivering Y Drop toolbars across the country. We traveled to Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and of course we delivered to Ohio as well

What is the Triple Threat Fertilizer System?

Are you stuck in the coulter vs. Y Drop dilemma? Some years one pays, other years, the other pays and your neighbor says neither one works! That is where the Triple Threat system comes in. The advantage the coulter will always have is breaking the crust and adding oxygen to the root system, the advantage Y Drops have is their placement. Triple threat is the beast of both worlds. You can now apply with a coulter in the center of the row, and at the base of the plant at the same time without increasing rates. WE HAVE UNITS IN STOCK!

Triple Threat Fertilizer System

Control flow to each location

Triple Threat Fertilizer System

Can fit most applicators

Triple Threat Fertilizer System

3 zones of application

Have you Seen our S2S Cover Crop Inter Seeding Unit?

Over the past 3 years we have been perfecting the cover crop seeding method that is Inter Seeding into standing corn. Incorporation plays a big factor into the success at this stage. We designed a row unit to perfect the incorporation of cover crops. The S2S unit is a parallel linkage, hydraulic downforce unit that contains 5 blades to disrupt the soil, then a roller to firm the seed and soil. These units are now available for sale through Fennig Equipment. Look for more pics and videos in the future of these units.

S2 Cover Crop Interseeding Unit

S2 Cover Crop Interseeding Unit

This is the very first S2S toolbar we ever built, for a customer in Minnesota.