Add the Triple Threat to Your Fertilizer Coulter

deep tillage seeder
This DTS is one of a kind! Our shop guys have worked hard to make this custom fit look factory and it looks great. Valmar seeders really can fit on anything.
Y Drop toolbarAnother Y Drop toolbar headed west! This one is headed for Iowa to Y drop here very shortly.


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Now is the time to plan for next year. Upgrade your sidedress system and guarantee delivery by placing an order today. With a trade in, nothing is due until new unit is delivered (likely September). Available with hydraulic drive pumps, redball flow monitors and various rate controller options. Act now to make sure you are ready for sidedress 2023.

J&M applicator

The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

A fitting throwback episode to when we sat down with the guys at J&M and talked all things equipment.

J&M guys and Adam sitting around a table talking

J&M Manufacturing

In this episode, Cody and Adam sit down with Mike VanHorn, Jim Wood, and Mike Vujea to talk about the beginning and the future of J&M. Jim Wood, a veteran at J&M had some awesome stories about servicing customers and building the business with awesome products and superior service. Located in little Ft. Recovery, OH J&M is in our back door, and we are fortunate to represent their liquid applicator lineup. Enjoy this episode, hopefully one of many with the J&M guys.

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

metal rings sitting on a tableIt is amazing what a plasma cutter and some welding can do to make a job better. These rings will hold hoses on a Hagie DTS cover crop unit.
Angie standing by a work tableWe had Angie in the shop this week assembling Triple Threat units to ship out to customers.
J&M applicatorOut for delivery! This J&M got delivered to Marion, IN this week to do some Y drop action.
Salford 5212 Vertical TillageWe delivered this 5212 to a demo field to work under some chopped Triticale.

Used Items This Week

side view of a used Salford 2019 31' I-1100 VT toolfront view of a used Salford 2019 31' I-1100 VT tool.salford group model number tag


This week we have a used Salford 2019 31' I-1100 VT tool. Only a few years old with a lot of life left. 7.5" spacing 8 wave coulters with rolling basket.


Will be located at Nova store.


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