July 3, 2020

Corn has gotten out of the ugly stage and now holds that deep green color. In places that got rain in the last 10 days corn looks very nice, of course this heat increases out H2O demand but there is not much rain in site, at least for the Buckeye State. Starting this week our salesman will start hitting the road again seeing customers and meeting new customers. July is somewhat of a rewind month for us as planting, sidedress season has passed we now prepare for harvest and the start of a new season his winter. We anticipate some farm show cancelations, but hope for most of the winter shows to remain open. We have a lot of projects we are currently working on, and we will launch videos of those as they get completed. As always, Have a great weekend!2014 Hagie with Fennig Y Drop Toolbar2014 Hagie with Fennig Y Drop Toolbar

2014 Hagie with Fennig Y Drop Toolbar will be displayed this weekend sporting a pair of American Flags

Schaeffer's Hi Visc BOOM

Todays shop tip! If you need some serious metal on metal lubrication, this Schaeffer's Hi Visc BOOM is amazing stuff. Get some on your shelf ASAP.

Looking to upgrade Your Side Dress Applicator?

Here at Fennig Equipment we have come to specialize in all forms of fertilizer application. With side dress season upon us, now is the time to make the changes that you need to make for next year. Do you wish you had Redball flow indicators? Did your coulters not stay in the ground? Maybe you are switching from Nh3 to Liquid. Give us a call today. We can price you 11-25 row liquid or Nh3 applicators. We carry Fast, Farm King, J&M, Unverferth, and Yetter. Call Today.

J&M 17 row Liquid

J&M 17 Row Liquid

Farm King 11 row Liquid

Farm King 11 Row Liquid

Yetter Magnum 10000 series Unitm

Yetter Magnum 10000 Series Unit

Have you Seen our S2S Cover Crop Inter Seeding Unit?

Over the past 3 years we have been perfecting the cover crop seeding method that is Inter Seeding into standing corn. Incorporation plays a big factor into the success at this stage. We designed a row unit to perfect the incorporation of cover crops. The S2S unit is a parallel linkage, hydraulic downforce unit that contains 5 blades to disrupt the soil, then a roller to firm the seed and soil. These units are now available for sale through Fennig Equipment. Look for more pics and videos in the future of these units.

S2 Cover Crop Interseeding Unit

S2 Cover Crop Interseeding Unit

This is the very first S2S toolbar we ever built for a customer in Minnesota.