New Strip Till Bar to Be Demoed at 2023 Ohio Farm Science

This week Cody, Kyle, Gary and Adam all flew to Iowa City, Iowa for the a dealer summit put on by Lessiter Media. We go here to learn about how to become more efficient, how to better serve customers, and to see what other dealers across the country have found to be successful. While we were gone, our shop was very busy assembling a 40' Salford 550 field cultivator, installing a cover crop seeder in Michigan, and much more. This time of the year we are very busy assembling equipment for fall/spring use. We have tillage tools, BBI spreaders, and much more to put together. Though it looks like harvest may be later than normal, we are still running out of time to get everything built that we need to before harvest for delivery.


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6056 mounted out the back of a HagieThis was a big project for our shop guys over the past month. A customer in Michigan wanted to seed cover crops with his Hagie sprayer and we made it happen. A 6056 mounted out the back of his Hagie with drops every 30" using a Raven 660 to control rate.
40' Salford 550 field cultivatorThis 40' Salford 550 field cultivator made its way in and out of the shop this week. We are starting to stock larger tools to accommodate a wider variety for farmers in the hard to get equipment era we are in today. Need a 40' Field cultivator? We have you covered.


Strip Tillage Options

Of course it can be overwhelming when talking strip till. Do you add fertilizer or just build a strip? Is a mole knife necessary? Pull a cart or put a cart on the toolbar? Are you looking for high speed or planting speed options? All of these are great questions and it really depends on what it is you want to do. Luckily, we can build a bar to do any of these things to fit your needs. Below is a few pictures of a Yetter Maverick (heavy duty mole knife unit) 3 point toolbar pulling behind it is a Salford ST-10 fertilizer cart. This bar is designed to be used in the fall to build strips and place nutrients.

16 row strip till rigThis 16 row strip till rig will be on demo at the Ohio Farm Science Review!


The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

Tune in as we travel to Nova to meet up with Seth and Corban to talk sales, Farm Science Review, and much more!

A Sit Down at Nova with New Sales Team Member, Corban Riggenbach

In this episode, we travel to our Nova, OH store to meet up with Seth and our newest team member, Corban. Listen in as we talk about all things sales in the future and past. Rain sure has changed things here in Ohio! Harvest is rapidly approaching.

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

deckover trailerThis new deckover trailer will be handy for the red ambulance. Seeder installs and planter fertilizer trips, we will have tools and a trailer all in one.
40' Field cultivatorWe barely fit this 40' field cultivator in our shop this week, but it is finally out the door and ready to dig.
3 point hookupThe fab shop is busy creating more works of art. This is a 3 point hookup for a hydraulic fold boom cover crop seeder.
NTB toolbarThis NTB toolbar is being converted to a cover crop interseeder toolbar to seed cover crops with a Hagie into standing corn.

Used Items This Week

side view of 25' Case IH 330 Turbo Till Tillage tool25' Case IH 330 Turbo Till Tillage tool


This week we have a used 25' Case IH 330 Turbo Till Tillage tool. These machines were made to be rather aggressive but still able to leave a good finish. Built very heavy and great for incorporation of any kind.


Unit will be located at the Coldwater Location


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