Cover Crop Seeding Options

More rain last weekend arrived just in time and some parts of Ohio got a shot on Wednesday evening, leaving most in a good spot for the time being. Fungicide scouting and some application is underway as pressure starts to move in, planes and ground rigs will be busy over the next few weeks. July used to be our slower month, but we have been on service calls and busy in the shop every day as year round application and assembly of tools becomes the norm. Monday Gary, Adam, Kyle, and Cody fly out to Iowa City for the Dealer Minds Summit, where Adam will talk about the ambulance conversions.


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2022 Hagie with a 60' Y Drop toolbarThis week we got this 2022 Hagie going on a 60' Y Drop toolbar with 20" spacing corn. These toolbars sure do make Y dropping easy, especially when it comes time to switch back and forth.
3 dry fertilizer spreaders on a truckThis is what we like to see! More dry fertilizer spreaders have arrived. This load is self contained Liberty units.


Cover Crop Seeding Options

Of course by now Valmar cover crop seeders are a household name when it comes to seeding. But there are other ways such as a corn head seeder, which we are now mounting several onto bean heads as well. Today we can do a 3 point boom seeder, a corn head seeder, bean head seeder, tillage tool seeder, or just a pull type boom seeder. All of these options are available now, and we can help you get to seeding cover crops, hay seedings, water ways, and wheat.


A seeder on a tillage tool is also a great option, great seed to soil contact and productts such as wheat, alfalfa, and hay seedings are a breeze.

3 point boom seederThis 3 point boom seeder is super handy for just broadcasting with no other tool being involves. Going into beans is a popular use for it.


Check out this video on our corn head seeder. This is a great way to seed cover. No additional pass, no incorporation required due to the residue put out by the combine. When you finish harvest, you finish seeding.

The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

Tune in as we travel to Nova to meet up with Seth and Corban to talk sales, Farm Science Review, and much more!

A Sit Down at Nova with New Sales Team Member, Corban Riggenbach

In this episode, we travel to our Nova, OH store to meet up with Seth and our newest team member, Corbin. Listen in as we talk about all things sales in the future and past. Rain sure has changed things here in Ohio! Harvest is rapidly approaching.

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

manifold kitThis manifold kit is for a customer mounting a Valmar seeder on the back of his Hagie sprayer. The idea is to combine the 24 individual hoses into 4 so there are less hoses running up to the front.
3 point boom seeder on a truckThis 3 point boom seeder got loaded for Wisconsin this week!
3 point hookupThe fab shop is busy creating more works of art. This is a 3 point hookup for a hydraulic fold boom cover crop seeder.
NTB toolbarThis NTB toolbar is being converted to a cover crop interseeder toolbar to seed cover crops with a Hagie into standing corn.

Used Items This Week

front view of Fast 8318side view of Fast 8318rear view of Fast 8318Fast 8318


This week we have a used Fast 8318 17 row liquid applicator for sale. This unit is a single owner machine that has had the Y drops on it from day one. Hydraulic pump with Ag Leader controller.


Unit will be located at the Nova, OH location


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