New Salford 2200 Tillage Tool with Hydraulic Shanks

The rains we had last week sure did help the crops, but now we are at the point where we need more. I started to see a lot of tassels this week on corn that is not very tall. Luckily wheat harvest yields were very good, and a few guys are going to try some double crop beans, but there is not much rain in sight for the next 10 days. This week our shop was as busy as it was in March. Assembling Salford tools and working on a lot of cover crop seeding projects for fall. This is typically our slower time as far as in field service and on demand service, but we work really hard this time of year to do improvement projects to make December–June easier. We are lining up several cover crop seeder installation trips for this summer. If you need put onto the list, be sure to reach out!


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Salford BBI Liberty in the field
This week we headed to the field to brush up on some BBI training. Dave Gunkelman, our territory rep for Salford, stopped by to help get this mechanical Liberty tuned up. Check out more videos below.
cover crop seederThis is a cool project. A 60' hydraulic fold boom mounted to a 3 point cover crop seeder. With this you can go into standing beans, or of course do a post harvest spread.


How to Pan Test, Calibrate, and Set Rates on a BBI Spreader

The BBI Lineup is spreaders is hard to beat, Stainless steel where it belongs and a very stout and thought out design with a heavy undercarriage. Most may not pay much attention to their pattern or rates, but to BBI it is everything. Being able to throw a flat 60' or 80' pattern and drive on 80' interval is very important to the success of the tool. In the videos below, we show you how to pan test by catching a pattern, how to set rates, and many other tips on the BBI spreader.


The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

A fitting throwback episode to when we sat down with the guys at J&M and talked all things equipment!

Adam Fennig, Mike VanHorn, Jim Wood, and Mike Vujea sitting around a table talking

J&M Manufacturing: A Small Town Business Built on Top Notch Service and Superior Products

In this episode, Cody and Adam sit down with Mike VanHorn, Jim Wood, and Mike Vujea to talk about the beginning and the future of J&M. Jim Wood, a veteran at J&M had some awesome stories about servicing customers and building the business with awesome products and superior service. Located in little Ft. Recovery, OH, J&M is in our back door, and we are fortunate to represent their liquid applicator lineup. Enjoy this episode, hopefully one of many with the J&M guys.

New YouTube Videos This Week

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

Salford 2231This Salford 2231 with hydraulic shanks is being assembled in the shop this week.
old sprayer sitting in the shopMaking an older sprayer new again. Equipped with Raven controls and new components, this 30 year old sprayer is like new.
New Holland Y Drop toolbar on a truckThe first ever New Holland Y Drop toolbar has been delivered to Southern Illinois!
3 point boom seederThis 3 point boom seeder is a unique piece that is gaining a lot of attention for its versatility.

Used Items This Week

front view of a Salford 4200 Hybrid Tillage tool.Salford 4200 Hybrid Tillage toolSalford 4200 Hybrid Tillage toolSalford 4200 Hybrid Tillage tool


This week we have a used 2018 41' Salford 4200 Hybrid Tillage tool. This unit is designed to incorporate while still having the benefits of a vertical tillage tool. This tool can bury stalks in the fall and level in the spring.


Unit is located at Coldwater location.


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